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China, the world's most populous country which rules the world by her tag, "Made in China", where there is a men made Great Wall which is visible even from the Space. A country where Google, YouTube shivers : ) and the country where the International language English still is in the 'windows' : ) Its one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Despite their some rules and regulations China is on the move, no doubt! 

Mobile Users in China have a tremendous growth like India! 

The Bank of China's customer were able to M-banking or mobile banking facilities by using a cell phone, though they required the use of an another SIM card for this purpose, but now bank & telecom company CTM had activated the mobile phone interface using mobile handsets to facilitate and smooth-en the M-Banking in China for the Bank of China customers!

Now the bank consumers could make a mobile phone account inquiry, funds transfer etc., the consumers could also make Stock Exchange Transactions using cell phones and could buy and sell stocks using their mobiles.

The Bank of China Mobile services currently are free till 2008, March 31; thereafter users will have to pay 10 pataca charges per month from CTM, for the unlimited data download!

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