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BITS, Pilani guy and the Co-Founder of Sabeer Bhatia's latest calling Free buzz is to make a Free conference call to / in India. It promises conference up to 10 callers simultaneously, crystal clear voice, 24/7 availability, can be made to any land line or mobile device, digital connections, private and secured, account and dedicated numbers that will never expire and its all for Free....

FREE Conference call: +91(0)22-3980-4444


Its a nice voice conference calling solution and is specifically designed and developed for the Indian market, but one small problem is there that they provide the Mumbai number to start conference calling in India, and it would attract a STD call in India, its not toll free so to make a conference calling in India you have to pay at least for STD calls to Mumbai.

...Another problem is to make a conference calling if you wish to participate you have to register first to the site, without a registration you can not invite any guy to your conference calls...

But you can give it a try, if like use it, if not forget it : )

The site is still new and not much traffic is here right now...

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