Future Cell Phone: Nokia 888 Concept Mobile

Finland's Brand Nokia rules the Mobile Phones World and especially in the Indian subcontinent. 

The future is Mobile and Nokia 888 has the Cell Phone technology and concept for the future Cell Phones.... 888 may be a lucky number fir many Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese people ...

Nokia 888 is the future conceptual Mobile, its the future and this Nokia 888 device is too charming to attract in design and concepts, its portable, it could bend, it could mould to any shapes, even you can strap Nokia 888 on your wrist as a watch. 

Tamer Nakisci designs Nokia 888.

Nokia 888 consumes Liquid Batteries, It has Flexible Touch Screen (like famous iPhone from Apple), Nokia 888 also has Speech Recognition technology. 

Nokia 888 also can sense and feel human touch and has artificial Intelligence : )

Do you need something more from Nokia? Nokia 888 is ultimate : )

Cheers : )






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