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Call Within US & To US for 0.5¢ a minute: Try Free or Start with just $1 Top-up ... thus try calling free first, than if you like recharge your account with only $1 (this credit has no expiry date) and get 200 minutes to call within USA or to USA from anywhere in the world, could you find such a cheap deal anywhere? You can make such low cost calls to whole of the world, just try free first for call quality and ease of access ... still not satisfied than use money back guarantee : )

Free Calls to Canada is not a joke or a Hoax now. is Canada based VoIP Calling Company they have to offer Free calls for Canadians and a Incoming Canadian Free number, you could choose this number in two states! 

Site describes: CANADA IS NOW FREE!

The first 5000 residents from either Toronto or Montreal receive FREE calling to anywhere in Canada and your new phone number for life. 


Cheer for free services and choice
- Your own real phone number
- Unlimited local calling
- Voice mail
- Caller identification
- Follow me service
- Per minute and flat rate long distance choices
- Free long distance calling to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Quebec City, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton. [...more areas coming soon] 

- No phone equipment required
- No home installations
- No hassles

Canada’s new free digital home phone service is a brand new technology available now! 

Cheers : )

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