BackUp Mobile Phone Data: Restore / Transfer Anytime, Anywhere

Featured Site:

Finland based, is a wonderful Mobile data backup services, 3€ per user, per month, its do NOT come for free : ( 

Site Claims: Jan - 2008, 3,530,245 Mobile phone Backups made worldwide. 

It back ups all the features like: contact book, phone calendar, sms and in the near future version photos etc too as the site claims. 

To save & back up your cell phone from any possible disaster like 

1. Dropped in water 
2. Run over by any car, Bike etc 
3. Left cell phone on the car roof while driven off
4. Dropped into a lavatory / toilet. 
5. Fallen from somewhere up high and smashed when hit the ground,,,oooops! 

Registration is easy and supports ALL countries and many Mobile handsets models like Nokia and so on...One could think of this Site and their services if & when needed : )


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