Apple’s iPhone: China's iClone, UAE's Hottest Gadget…

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Made in China is the key word at UAE Mobile Phone stores, ask for an Apple (iphone) and you may end up with an iClone, (the clone of iPhone) just for local Dh500 (in UAE price). 

UAE also is flooded with secondary Mobile Grey market and selling brands like hot cakes, imitations of many famous cell phone brands like Nokia and Sony Ericsson and many more. Nokia brand is very popular among Indians and Pakistanis. 

Desay N8 Mobile, is similar to Apple iPhone and also similar in some features, its in UAE for Dh500 as compared to Dh3,000 for iPhone Apple! 

Mobile Phone Prices in UAE:

Chinese Nokia N95: Dh440
Original Nokia N95: Dh2,700

Chinese iPhone: Dh500
Original iPhone: Dh3,000

Chinese Nokia E90: Dh480
Original Nokia E90: Dh3,300

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