Apple's iPhone 1.1.3 Details Leaked: Internet Updates

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Apple's iphone is the craziest little thing / gadget / mobile phone instrument on the Earth now, it could be said the 'KING' of 2007 among the gizmos for the techies. People tried to unlock globally and it became like a global fashion or a cottage industry!

Well, still Apple iPhone is a craze in 2008. The Info re.: Apple's next version 1.1.3iPhone update is leaked on the Worldwideweb WWW. 'They say Apple iPhone would be now, could send SMS to multiple guys; Google Maps, cell tower triangulation feature, Google Maps will show the Hybrid map view; drag and drop icons on home screen; pagination; Web bookmarks on home screen etc etc are coming, no date of release is leaked though : (

Other feature would be that, the Apple iPhones 1.1.2 that are unlocked anyhow, if one tried to apply 1.1.3 update to them that will make iPhone stop working with AT&T SIM card. Means now the Apple's iPhone could never be used with even the AT&T SIM with an unlocked phone. Ha Ha : )

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