Free Kyte Live Mobile TV: Broadcast Your Own Shows on the Move

Featured Site: 

Now you can start your own Live Streaming TV channels with Kyte TV. You can produce, broadcast / web cast your own shows, you can embed TV on your Blogs / sites, Watch and produce Live TV shows while on go, via Mobile Phone, Its Fun Free, Live TV shows on Mobile! Yahoo! 

Kyte Mobile also supports Nokia N Series Web upload and you are ready to broadcast your high resolution images via Cell Phone : )

Cheers : )

Mobile Phone Number Portability India

Featured News:

"...Change Telco / Mobile Phone Operator in India, Retain your existing same cell phone number..."

Finally Good Days for millions of Mobile Phone users across India (its starting from 4 Metros). The Mobile Phone Number Portability finally going to 'land' in India from January end 2008, in four Metros: Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata!

Number Portability simply would allow any Mobile Phone consumer to retain his / her existing mobile number even he can switch to a new Telco / service provider! So it comes an end to Mobile Telco’s monopoly with their consumers in India! It was in much demand for past several years and DOT / Govt. of India / TRAI was in preparation for this much awaited cell phone Number Portability in India!

Now a consumer 'sick' with any of Telcos like Reliance Communications, BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Idea, Tata Indicomm etc could change any service provider available to him in his area irrespective of the fear of change of his existing cell phone number : )

Lets see how it goes for Indians finally: ) Keep smiling now : ) and always, Talkfree7 wishes a nice Mobile future to all of Indians going to use Cell phone Number Portability in India.

Cheers : )

Send Free, Unlimited, International MMS

Say it with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)!

Featured Site: or 


While browsing the net today I got a Canada based useful Site called as alomms. They promise to deliver GLOBAL FREE UNLIMITED MMS to any Mobile phone and any carrier of the world! Marvelous! 

I was checking their send MMS registration page, the coverage area: they have list of all-all the countries of the world almost and near all of the each country Telco / carrier is present in their list, mind blowing, if this is true this is one of the greatest site to send Free Unlimited MMS to any country and any carrier! One can send Free, unlimited Photos, Audios or Videos as a MMS free from this site.

India, Pakistan, UAE (Etisalat), USA, UK, NOrway, Canada, Australia, even Bhutan (B-Mobile) is covered, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Greece, Nepal, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong...and all of the globe seems to be covered here! 

This Free Send Unlimited Global MMS and currently supports three languages viz.: English, Russian and Arabic.

I had not used it as of yet and I request to Talkfree7 kind readers to post their experience about this site here as valuable 'Comments'!

Thank you. Take care!

Cheers : )

What’s is MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and how it works:

Passport Photos Online: Develop Free at Home

Featured Site:

To develop Passport photos / pictures / snaps online @ home for free this is a nice site and helpful to all. 60 countries supported as the size and dimensions may vary for passport size snap in different countries1

Its an easy, online, Free, Global and useful service and should be availed. You only need a Sony, Olympus or any digital camera, or Smart Camera Nokia or Motorola or any Mobile Phone to shoot snaps, Internet to log this site and a printer to make the prints! Who need Kodak prints now? Save time and money! Voila...

Cheers : )

Mobile Phone: Watch YouTube Stream: 3GP

Featured Site:

YouTube has now updates site for its Mobile Phone version @ . It has now all the videos available. You can use this on mobile phone and your mobile needs to have the stream 3GP files over RTSP. (its a Java applet) currently its available for few Nokia N series, E series and Sony Eriksson cell phones.

YouTube for Cell Phones is a great experience to watch and enjoy videos on Mobile handsets at No cost and for free…it’s not much different from Apple's iPhone and YouTube now, YouTube is for ALL mobiles now not alone for Apple's iPhone!

Text to MP3 Converter: Voice e Mails, Sites, Save and Enjoy

Featured Site:

Just enter the text you want to 'hear' and click Done, Voila its done for you, now you can hear the 'text' like the Music on MP3 audio file format for Free, instead of reading it! 

Its a nice free application. Vozme narration is like a speech and is in Spanish, English, Italian languages currently. 

So do not wait and add voice to your blog or website, share, hear and be cheerful!


Mobile SMS: Lost UK Kids Locator, Track now

Featured Site:

At this site one can locate his child's mobile phone location anywhere in the UK from PC or with a SMS / Text Messaging! It makes us less panic re: about Kids safety, privacy and location if you are in UK! The privacy and safety if your kids in UK are handy with this useful service. 

It comes with full free 30 days trial pack! This useful child track and found service has also been featured on ITV, BBC, The Telegraph, FT etc.


FAQ for UK Child Locator / Tracking service:

How to Find Lost Child: example..

“You can locate your children from your mobile phone or via the web! Simply send Find 'child's name' to 60066 and we will send you the location of your child in a text message back to your phone in seconds. For example, to locate Dave type, Find Dave and send to 60066.”

Cheers : )

Nokia 7900 Handset: Crystal Prism Launched

Featured Mobile Handset: Nokia 7900 :

After the recent Nokia Mobile handsets Nokia 2600 Classic & Nokia 1209 handsets, now is the turn of Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism cell phone, it has some attractive features with a nice 'body' : )

Like other Nokia’s Prism collection phones, its too has some geometric pattern for its body! 

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism is designed by Frédérique Daubal for Nokia, that’s is resulted in unique laser etched graphical patterns.

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism is available in cool purple color for now!

Cheers : )

FTV + Hungama Mobile: Downlaod Videos, Ring tones

India: The controversial (in India at least) TV Channel: Fashion TV or FTV could be viewed on Mobile Phones now in India. The Hungama Mobile has partnered a deal with fashion media giant FTV to LIVE air this FTV on Indians Cell Phones across India!

To view FTV on GPRS enabled handsets log to or send SMS by typing 'FTV' to 54646.

Cheers : )

More Details:

Apple's Unlocked iPhone India: Buy Online For INR Rs.32,999 (approx.USD800)

Site Featured:,shop.product_details/category_id,184/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,1928/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,26/?gclid=CNOOioyGgpECFRglewodZjrQ-g

This site is online selling Apple iPhone for Indians, they claim to have 8GB Unlocked iPhone from Apple! All the features / dimensions etc and testimonials too are there. 

The site also claims: "This model will Work with all Indian GSM Netrwork Providers. Including:- Airtel, Hutch, Idea, and BSNL / MTNL."

Cheers : )

Diamond Case For Apple iPhone:

Rebtel: Call India Free or anywhere in the world

Featured Links:

Free Phone Calls to India is a reality. Rebtel's Survey is giving this Free calling tip to all in the world, use it and be cheerful : )

How to make Free Calls India from Around the Globe: 

PS: I had NOT tried this personally, so authenticity is unknown to me, if anyone of you gets a success here kindly report your valuable comments here for the benefit of all Talkfree7 readers here. Thanks!

Use Camera Mobile as a Scanner, Copier, Fax, Email, MMS

Imagine to turn your camera mobile phone into a scanner / copier / fax for free and that’s too online! Yes, we all can scan, copy or fax, email, MMS or publish with our camera mobile now! Thanks to digital age of Internet that we can use our digital Camera / Video Mobile Phone to use these great services for free! We can in fact make docs, notes or Business Cards / whiteboards into digital copies (PDFs)...this great service turns your camera / digital mobile phone pictures into PDF documents.

So Digital / Camera Mobile Phone could be used as a scanner too for booking any newspaper / Magazine etc. clipping in your Websites / Blogs without a 'official' Scanner: ) at NO cost...use simple OCR techniques.

Featured Great Sites for using Digital / Mobile Phone as Scanner, Copier, Fax, Email, MMS, Publish: Use for Free & Online

Free SMS: UAE, USA, UK, Norway, NZ, Spain, Malaysia, Globally

Send Unlimited Free MMS / SMS / Text Messages to many Global countries below from your Computer via Internet : )

Send Free MMS / SMS / Text Messages to: USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, UAE (Etisalat1 / Etisalat2/DU), Italy, Norway, Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Panama, Mauritius, Germany, Philippines, Ireland, Denmark, Singapore, Portugal and many more countries supported…. Send free sms / MMS to over 100 Telcos / service providers worldwide

Site Featured:

Remember its a great site to send free global sms from PC, Telephoon blog has researched and unearthed some fantastic online resources to make Free Calls, SMS, MMS for its readers : )

Free Unlimited SMS to South Africa

Send Unlimited Free SMS / Text Messages to South Africa from your Computer via Internet : )

Site Featured:


Free SMS to South Africa Spain, India, Pakistan, France, Germany, Italy ... Mobile Networks

Cheers : )

India: Unlimited Free SMS and MMS

Send Unlimited Free SMS / Text Messages to India, any Cell / Mobile Phone, Any Carrier. 

Featured Sites: Free SMS India any cell phone

Send Free SMS to India Mobile or Internet Free Text message India any Mobile Unlimited Free SMS India via Internet Free SMS India from Computer India Free SMS / Text Messages Free Text India via PC

Mobile: Convert, Store Videos Free

Featured Site:

A great site to convert videos from Internet in any any format and you can store them to your cell / mobile Phone, PDA, or your video library and its all for free : )

It supports many formats like: Windows Media Player, iPod, Mobile 3GP, Mobile PlayStation, Apple Quicktime, AVI, MP3

The Site has a detailed FAQ:

What are the system-requirements?
Your will need a DSL-connection as well as a Flash-Player.

Why was my video-conversion not successful?
- the link-address (URL) of the video is not complete or incorrect
- you may have insufficient bandwidth or a problem with your line
- the original file contains errors

How can I obtain the best possible results?
The quality of the video conversion depends on the original file. The original file should have a minimum resolution of at least 320x240 pixels.

Is Video hamster compatible with mobile devices?
Yes, the video-conversion can be works with mobile devices and other PDAs, as long as the device has a Broadband connection and supports Flash.

Is there an Offline-Version of Video hamster?
No, Videohamster is only available on the Internet.

How much will this all cost me?
The service is free of charge.

Can I publish a link to Videohamster on my website?
Yes, we are happy to allow you to link, but it must be clearly understood that the link will lead to "videohamster", and that your website does not contain illegal or pornographic content. The link URL should be "".

China's Apple iPhone Mobile Dreams Shattered

Featured Story:

The talks between USA Apple iPhone & China Mobile came to an end re: entry of Apple's iPhone to China over the issue of revenue sharing. A great setback for the Chinese Mobile users and China Markets as well as Apple Inc. USA. 

China is the BIGGEST Mobile markets in the world and Apple was keen to enter behind the Great Wall of China! The Chinese mobile phone users to were enthusiastic and waiting for iPhone to enter officially here many Videos sites were created in China just to use iPhone using these Video Sites as YouTube is not operating in China or is banned there?!

The dreams shattered and perhaps Apple has to choose another China Telco if they are still keen to enter China. 

India is still awaiting the possible official iPhone launch in this growing Big Mobile Market. 

Camera Mobile: Remote Controls 3D Computers

Featured Story:

The Camera Cell Phone is now able to control a computer like a 3D Mouse, it acts like a Remote Control of a TV : )

To use and to make control the screen of a PC / Laptop by using Camera mobile you just need to aim your mobile's camera in front of it. Than the mobile handset will make it connected via Bluetooth with the computer and you can operate the screen of PC using camera mobile Phone : ) ( its something like the motion sensitive Nintendo Wii controller).

Cheers : )

Free MobileTalk Application Trial Run By 8X8 For Packet 8

Site Featured:

8X8 is the leading provider for Broadband VoIP, Mobile VoIP and Video Phone etc. They announced a free trial run for Free MobileTalk Application for Packet 8 is designed to enable US based customers of any U.S.based wireless Telco / carrier to experience the dialing simplicity and call quality of the Packet8 MobileTalk™ mobile VoIP international calling service at no charge / Free.

This free trial run makes enables wireless customers to download the MobileTalk application on their mobile handsets and use the service for Free till the total of $2.00 in per minute fees is reached. 

The service provides for rate of $.02 to $.05 per minute for many locations in Europe and Asia....

Cheers : )

Motorola: CA50 Wireless Scanner Mobile Phone with VoIP

Featured Mobile Phone: Motorola Mobile: CA50 Wireless Scanner with VoIP

Motorola has announced all new-featured rich Mobile Phone CA50. Its has lots of new features to make it the most demanding cell phone for our coming times : )

The best thing of CA50 Moto is: Voice Enabled Wireless Scanner! It (CA50 Motorola) utilises Voice Over Internet protocol (VoIP) to transmit voices over the networks.

CA50 Motorola Mobile has some great features like: Wireless LAN, information retrieval, and bar code scanning... 

Motorola is also making a deal with Avaya to enable CA50 so it can redirect your incoming calls too. This is to make sure that any of your important call is NEVER missed.



Get Pope's Day's Thought on your Cell phone via SMS

Featured Site:

Its an interesting site / service and it connects you directly to The Gods via Pope : ) 

The site depicts itself as :

"...The Pope's Thought of the Day is a daily premium SMS, or text message, containing daily thoughts, daily prayers and spiritual guidance taken directly from the Pontiff's teachings and delivered to you on your mobile phone..."

To subscribe to the Daily Pope's thoughts via SMS / Text Message on your cell phone just send Message to 'POPE ON' to the number 69999

To unsubscribe, send a SMS / text message containing the words 'STOP POPE' to the number 69999.

The Pope's Thought of the Day is Not for Free and is a Premium SMS that is being offered as for flat $6.99/month.

This service is open to Mobile Phone users in Italy, Ireland, Malta, UK and of course The USA (AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Cingular, Dobson and Alltel currently)...

Cheers : )

Free SMS Israel, Singapore, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic

Site Featured:

You can send and recieve Free SMS / Text Messages in your ICQ to Israel, Singapore, Slovakia,Ukraine and Czech Republic.

ICQ supports many Telcos currently, they are listed on the above site to send Free SMS / Text Message to Israel, Singapore, Slovakia,Ukraine, Czech Republic.

India Free Conference Calls on Mobile, Land line

BITS, Pilani guy and the Co-Founder of Sabeer Bhatia's latest calling Free buzz is to make a Free conference call to / in India. It promises conference up to 10 callers simultaneously, crystal clear voice, 24/7 availability, can be made to any land line or mobile device, digital connections, private and secured, account and dedicated numbers that will never expire and its all for Free....

FREE Conference call: +91(0)22-3980-4444


Its a nice voice conference calling solution and is specifically designed and developed for the Indian market, but one small problem is there that they provide the Mumbai number to start conference calling in India, and it would attract a STD call in India, its not toll free so to make a conference calling in India you have to pay at least for STD calls to Mumbai.

...Another problem is to make a conference calling if you wish to participate you have to register first to the site, without a registration you can not invite any guy to your conference calls...

But you can give it a try, if like use it, if not forget it : )

The site is still new and not much traffic is here right now...


Future Cell Phone: Nokia 888 Concept Mobile

Finland's Brand Nokia rules the Mobile Phones World and especially in the Indian subcontinent. 

The future is Mobile and Nokia 888 has the Cell Phone technology and concept for the future Cell Phones.... 888 may be a lucky number fir many Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese people ...

Nokia 888 is the future conceptual Mobile, its the future and this Nokia 888 device is too charming to attract in design and concepts, its portable, it could bend, it could mould to any shapes, even you can strap Nokia 888 on your wrist as a watch. 

Tamer Nakisci designs Nokia 888.

Nokia 888 consumes Liquid Batteries, It has Flexible Touch Screen (like famous iPhone from Apple), Nokia 888 also has Speech Recognition technology. 

Nokia 888 also can sense and feel human touch and has artificial Intelligence : )

Do you need something more from Nokia? Nokia 888 is ultimate : )

Cheers : )


Send Free SMS to Poland

Featured Site: 

or :

Send Unlimited Free Text Messages to Poland... This Site is Non English, so guys learn some Polish language (Language of Poland) to send SMS to Poland from your Computer right now...

Cheers : )

International Unlimited Urdu SMS Text Messaging

Good News for Indians, Pakistanis, Dubai, Gulf, Saudi Arabians etc guys who speak Urdu and love to do SMS / Text Messaging in Urdu language!

Urdu is the language (predominantly of Muslims) of Indian subcontinent. Urdu is one of the very sweet language and is called as the language of 'adab' (Etiquette) or 'Tehzeeb'!

Urdu is written unlike English or many other languages, its written Right to left!

Here at the featured site below, the Urdu Key List could be downloaded to do SMS in Urdu!

And the here goes featured Urdu SMS Site is:

Human Powered Free Mobile Phone Search

Site Featured: 

Chacha is an interesting Hindi (National language of India) language word, means the Paternal Uncle (or Father's Younger Brother in North India)!

Well, is a Search engine that has started a new free service, which allows Human Powered Search on Go via Mobile Phones! You have to send any question, any kind to 242242; the reply would return to you by a Chacha Guide who is human and not the machine, robot or computer unlike Google or many search engine technologies!

This is one of the unique services as there a real human sends the reply to your searches! I wonder how could it be possible on a large and a widespread scale, we have to understand there strategies and procedure to follow this perhaps! 

Mobile Human search is free for now and could be made paid in coming times?! But if the user is really willing to pay for paid Human searches via cell phone, only time will tell...

Cheers : ) 


Mobile Banking: Bank of China M-Commerce

Featured News:

China, the world's most populous country which rules the world by her tag, "Made in China", where there is a men made Great Wall which is visible even from the Space. A country where Google, YouTube shivers : ) and the country where the International language English still is in the 'windows' : ) Its one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Despite their some rules and regulations China is on the move, no doubt! 

Mobile Users in China have a tremendous growth like India! 

The Bank of China's customer were able to M-banking or mobile banking facilities by using a cell phone, though they required the use of an another SIM card for this purpose, but now bank & telecom company CTM had activated the mobile phone interface using mobile handsets to facilitate and smooth-en the M-Banking in China for the Bank of China customers!

Now the bank consumers could make a mobile phone account inquiry, funds transfer etc., the consumers could also make Stock Exchange Transactions using cell phones and could buy and sell stocks using their mobiles.

The Bank of China Mobile services currently are free till 2008, March 31; thereafter users will have to pay 10 pataca charges per month from CTM, for the unlimited data download!

Free Unlimited Canada, USA Calls from cell phones

Featured Site:

Call Within US & To US for 0.5¢ a minute: Try Free or Start with just $1 Top-up ... thus try calling free first, than if you like recharge your account with only $1 (this credit has no expiry date) and get 200 minutes to call within USA or to USA from anywhere in the world, could you find such a cheap deal anywhere? You can make such low cost calls to whole of the world, just try free first for call quality and ease of access ... still not satisfied than use money back guarantee : )

Free Calls to Canada is not a joke or a Hoax now. is Canada based VoIP Calling Company they have to offer Free calls for Canadians and a Incoming Canadian Free number, you could choose this number in two states! 

Site describes: CANADA IS NOW FREE!

The first 5000 residents from either Toronto or Montreal receive FREE calling to anywhere in Canada and your new phone number for life. 


Cheer for free services and choice
- Your own real phone number
- Unlimited local calling
- Voice mail
- Caller identification
- Follow me service
- Per minute and flat rate long distance choices
- Free long distance calling to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Quebec City, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton. [...more areas coming soon] 

- No phone equipment required
- No home installations
- No hassles

Canada’s new free digital home phone service is a brand new technology available now! 

Cheers : )

BackUp Mobile Phone Data: Restore / Transfer Anytime, Anywhere

Featured Site:

Finland based, is a wonderful Mobile data backup services, 3€ per user, per month, its do NOT come for free : ( 

Site Claims: Jan - 2008, 3,530,245 Mobile phone Backups made worldwide. 

It back ups all the features like: contact book, phone calendar, sms and in the near future version photos etc too as the site claims. 

To save & back up your cell phone from any possible disaster like 

1. Dropped in water 
2. Run over by any car, Bike etc 
3. Left cell phone on the car roof while driven off
4. Dropped into a lavatory / toilet. 
5. Fallen from somewhere up high and smashed when hit the ground,,,oooops! 

Registration is easy and supports ALL countries and many Mobile handsets models like Nokia and so on...One could think of this Site and their services if & when needed : )


Global SMS, MMS, Short Codes, Email to SMS etc

Featured Site:

Today this company sent me a mail, so it is featured here on your Talkfree7. Also I personally chatted its director Rohit Chopra on Yahoo messenger, I tried to understand it a bit and giving you guys the fresh perspective and details: 

Logique Technologies Pvt Ltd ( is a Mobile Data Service Company offering end-to-end Mobile Messaging Solutions. The Range, High Quality and Competitive prices of Services are making them one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in India.

Products and Services:

* Web Based Bulk SMS to over 550 networks Worldwide

* Short Code Services.

* Two Way SMS Services

* Custom SMS Solutions

* Re seller SMS Solution.

Salient Features:

* Very Low Cost with no Setup Fees.

* Send SMS using easy Web Based System, HTTP or SMPP

* Dynamic Sender Id (Send SMS using your Company Name, etc.)

* Scheduled Delivery for SMS Reminders

* High Throughput and Fast Delivery

* 99.9% up time with Backup Routes. 

They say,: "Logic is dedicated to providing high quality end-to-end solutions to our clients with the help of our highly qualified marketing and technical team."

Apple’s iPhone: China's iClone, UAE's Hottest Gadget…

Featured News:

Made in China is the key word at UAE Mobile Phone stores, ask for an Apple (iphone) and you may end up with an iClone, (the clone of iPhone) just for local Dh500 (in UAE price). 

UAE also is flooded with secondary Mobile Grey market and selling brands like hot cakes, imitations of many famous cell phone brands like Nokia and Sony Ericsson and many more. Nokia brand is very popular among Indians and Pakistanis. 

Desay N8 Mobile, is similar to Apple iPhone and also similar in some features, its in UAE for Dh500 as compared to Dh3,000 for iPhone Apple! 

Mobile Phone Prices in UAE:

Chinese Nokia N95: Dh440
Original Nokia N95: Dh2,700

Chinese iPhone: Dh500
Original iPhone: Dh3,000

Chinese Nokia E90: Dh480
Original Nokia E90: Dh3,300

Apple's iPhone 1.1.3 Details Leaked: Internet Updates

Featured Page:

Apple's iphone is the craziest little thing / gadget / mobile phone instrument on the Earth now, it could be said the 'KING' of 2007 among the gizmos for the techies. People tried to unlock globally and it became like a global fashion or a cottage industry!

Well, still Apple iPhone is a craze in 2008. The Info re.: Apple's next version 1.1.3iPhone update is leaked on the Worldwideweb WWW. 'They say Apple iPhone would be now, could send SMS to multiple guys; Google Maps, cell tower triangulation feature, Google Maps will show the Hybrid map view; drag and drop icons on home screen; pagination; Web bookmarks on home screen etc etc are coming, no date of release is leaked though : (

Other feature would be that, the Apple iPhones 1.1.2 that are unlocked anyhow, if one tried to apply 1.1.3 update to them that will make iPhone stop working with AT&T SIM card. Means now the Apple's iPhone could never be used with even the AT&T SIM with an unlocked phone. Ha Ha : )

Cheers : )

Cell phone TV Serials are coming

Good news for wireless Indians, Mobile phone from next months will mobile cast the daily Soaps / Serials (TV Serials) on mobile handsets across the India. 

The famous Bollywood Filmmaker, the Rajshri Media is all set to launch this exclusive Mobile Phone VAS in India. They were launched in 2006, Rajshri Media now are specialists in making content for third generation media viz.: cell phones, iPod, Online Internet, IPTV etc. 

Every episode would go air for approx 3 minutes, and 90 such episodes are already ready to air starting next month. We are still in a wait for the rates, pattern of network and how would it work?


SMS2.0 Airtel India Launch: Affle is a partner

Airtel has started the SMS2.0 for Indians with Affle (Father of SMS2.0, a mobile media giant) Affle has services in USA, UK and Singapore. 

The current SMS to SMS2.0 upgrade means many new enhanced and innovative features to millions of Mobile phone users across India. Like addition of many different combinations of texts, emoticons, colours and the background etc in the messages. Like recently MTNL in India launched the coloured SMS. 

For the Airtel, the upgrade from SMS to SMS 2.0 will be free. Sending “SMS2” to 543210 could do free download of SMS2.0. 

No charges for any or all downloading + its free, if you want to more sure than may be ask the Airtel customer care for any rates, if any for SMS2.0 : ) 


Anti Theft Blackberry Mobile Software,Works With Other Cell Phones

Featured Site: 

If a PDA cell phone, Mobile Phone, blackberry Mobile, iPod, or camera, or a hard disk or if even a Mac is lost or get stolen it could create a sense of panic not for monetary value attached to it but also for the risk of losing much precious of your data, than what to do now? a million $ question, OK...

BAK2u is the much needed app or solution for you its a Singapore based company and it develops the solution for lost mobile devices and one of the unique lost & found services for through anti theft software. 

Cheers : )

SonyEricsson Mobiles, Ring tones, Download

Hi guys, a few friends try to spam on Talkfree7 too, but I understand everybody needs Internet traffic, anyways for the Blog below I am giving them a featured post here, so they do not need to spam here at least : ) this is what I could do at least for my new blog friends, Cheers...

Featured Site:

For latest SonyEricsson Mobiles Phones (Cell Phones),Ringtones,Download Softwares 
etc visit:

Thank you!

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