Unwanted Calls: Block or Filter Phone Calls Like Emails

I always wished this facility / service could be used by me, thank God finally its introduced / grounded in India for the very first time by GSM service provider Vodafone Essar (previously known as Hutch).

This service is in the pipeline with many Indian Telcos / Mobile Networks like BPL Mobile, MTNL, BSNL, Aircel etc. The Call filtering or Call blocking technology is a useful thing like blocking Spam mails on the net.

If you wish to get rid of any Phone number(s) for temporarily and at the same time also wish that the your unwanted caller too may do not came to know that you are avoiding him, than this call filtering or call blocking is for you.

Under this service Vodafone Essar will charge you Rs. 99/- a month and you could add any number(s) (Mobile or Landline) that you wish to avoid / Block or Filter.

When the caller from these particular numbers would try to call you they will get a busy tone / message or some pre recorded message as set by you on the network : )

Send a SMS to activate to *514# or call 55144 from your Vodafone Mobile.

This service could be availed on and can be activated on a simple mobile phone, and don’t need to have a smart phone etc. It is available to post as well as the prepaid customers. The Vodafone charges a small fee of Rs 99 a month.

Essar-Vodafone director says: ""We received a lot of calls from subscribers asking if calls from certain numbers could be blocked, as these were harassment calls. These are not telemarketing calls, but calls made by people who knows the user, in most cases celebrities, the film stars and cricketers."

Another Indian CDMA Telco Reliance Communications use a different procedure to filter the calls. Reliance introduced a Spam controlling software in many of her mobile handsets and can block a max. of 10 pre listed numbers.




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