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It could be a nice ebay auction / bidding feature, if you could receive free alerts on your cell phone re: ebay auction to which you are a part of, at the last moments of bidding!

Its possible, now do not care to forget a bid in the last eleventh hours...though ebay has a paid service to send alerts on mobile phone, but we at Talkfree7 are always your guiding star to show all the free and valuable resources to free International calls, sms, Text messages, mobile news, wireless related technology advancement or sites etc.

Well, here is the freebie go to the above featured site, just fill a small online form and this site promises to send you, on your mobile phone, the free sms reminder / alerts re ebay bidding, to make a bid on the auctioned item before the auction ends, you will never loose an ebay auction using this great ebay feature.

But it only support USA, Canada Mobile carriers, unfortunately the Internationals have to wait or to use the paid ebay services, but don’t worry I will tell you such another great services soon like this free ebay auction alerts on your mobile phone.

Cheers : )

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