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This site claims to be fastest with Mobile Phone Search while browsing the Mobile net! Its says,... it searches as fast, as fast you (a human) could come on with a search?! : ) They have hundreds of mobile search engine to their simulator like: It seems they could search more than Google?! Huh...

Amazon Books
Amazon Grocery
AOL Food - recipes
AOL Horoscopes
AOL Music - Artists
Area Code Lookup
BC Ferries Schedule - Retail Fueling Sites
Blogcritics Magazine
Boopsie Status
Caltrain Train Schedule Demo
Celebrity Photos
Celebrity Search
CIA World Factbook
CitySearch Chicago
CitySearch Las Vegas
CitySearch Los Angeles
CitySearch New York City

Its compatible with all type of web enabled devices (including iPhone) and almost for all cell phones.

The another nice feature for this site is, type less while you search with your Mobile and you dont have a QWERTY typepad. This technology is something like T9 on your mobile phones and act as: it tries to 'guess' the words when you are still typing for your search it comes up with the desired answers in the actual real time.

It is a 'find as you type' thing and allows you to search Google, News, Amazon, Wikipedia, Word Dictionary etc. to Stocks and so on from your cell phone with very little or perhaps No typing,...SMART TYPING with FAST MOBILE SEARCH, do you need anything more of it?!

DO NO EVIL : )))

Cheers : )


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