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Get introduced to the people in social networking Hotspots using Mobile Phone! It’s the blending of wireless Mobile Phone technology with Social Networking in the Real World!

Imagine you are sitting in a Pub or a Bar and somebody nice catches your attention for a while than this site Ice Brkr's and its mobile phone social friendship concept lets you send them a friendly 'Hi' using just your mobile phone. If He / She accepts your friendly SMS and replies than Technology stops there and real world Chat / Social Networking starts than.

That's why this site say this concept as: "This is Next Generation mobile networking - real people, real time, and it even fits into your lifestyle"...

This is a free service to use and just your mobile need to register online and create a profile. Send a SMS with "icebrkr" to 60300 and they will send back a FREE link to your mobile Internet site.

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