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Today I am going to present the Karoon's Treasure to my readers of Talkfree7 here. Yeah it works wonders for me at least. My morning starts with a sip of Hot Indian Tea, with a glance on morning newspaper and my Nokia 3230 takes me to the Live world of TV Channels at my lap : )

I enjoy reading newspaper while listening and watching Mobile TV News. My favorite channels are CNBC, NDTV-Profit, Aaj Tak, ETV, India TV, CNN, NDTV and Cartoon Network. I could see many many Indian channels. Yeah Indian Telco BSNL has already started Streaming LIVE TV CHANNELS to Mobile handsets but its currently available only to North and East of India, but will go to all of the other parts and corners of this Vast country, do not worry its coming.

The quality of the pictures is really really SUPERB with crystal clear sound, mind-blowing work on Indian mobile SCENE by BSNL. and designed by the Apalya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

This wireless TV unfortunately don’t come for the free, but not much expensive as regards to its mobility feature and quality. The rates are as:

· Rs. 10/day - only for 24 hours (For All Channels)
· Rs. 50 /month / channel - One channel for 30days
· Rs.150/month - All channels for 30 days, Unlimited viewing

What you need is a BSNL GSM Mobile connection preferably post paid + Unlimited GPRS / EDGE connection on it (cost Rs 199 per month for unlimited) and you are done for the life time experience, who care for 2G, 3G, or 4G this is for technocrats, I love Mobile TV and I could see it now!

All the latest Nokia Smart phone, N Series, Symbian or Many other Companies phones are compatible for this, primarily the GSM phones which could run on GPRS basically are ready for this Mobile TV revolution.

Download from here: or send a SMS "MYTV" to 55447 than download application.

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Anonymous said...

Only some correction. For using this service you do need Unlimited GPRS plan of Rs. 199. This service is independent of Rs.199 plan. It just costs you Rs. 150 for accessing all channels at no extra GPRS charges.

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