Kids Charities: Make a Wish; Hunger....

Hi Friends,

Today I am being little sentimental to the issues related to the Children (kids are like THE LIVING GODS to me on this Earth).

I support at least these three kids' charities and appeal to all of you kind hearted guys to support the Kids in your nearby or may be you too could support any or all of these, thank you.



3. : FEED THE HUNGRY. You can help someone else in this world and IT WON'T COST YOU A DIME. If you simply remember to drop by The Hunger Site every day that you surf and click a simple button ONE LESS PERSON WILL GO HUNGRY. The food is distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme and paid for through the sponsorship of companies that care. Do your part.

Remember, a SMILE is the GREATEST GIFT on this Earth and if we could paint at least 1 smile, in our whole life, on anyone's face, we would be fulfilling our one of the most pious responsibility for which we are born / send! We WILL serve the Gods Himself by doing our duty, don’t you agree?

In fact I personally do not like to call the literal word ‘charity’, in fact our thoughts should not be as about that, we are ‘GIVING’ something to someone needy, instead we should do it in a way with a thinking that, “its our DUTY towards our starving society!

Note: This is a human appeal only and not any kind of Advert or any promotion from Talkfree7, we are not going to earn any funds of it : ) we are ONLY connected to this cause ‘sentimentally : ) In God, We Trust

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