Free Unlimited Calls to Singapore and International

Free Unlimited Calls Singapore, International

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For Unlimited Free Calls to Singapore / International (first 3 months free),the above featured site could be a boon to the free calls subscribers. One do not need to pay any money to use free calls for 3 months, even this site provides you s$3 : ) Its great?! provides for a service called "Talk myGlobal Foreign Number Service": This service is a pfingoTALK VAS (value added service)it allows us to obtain a foreign number which is linked to our pfingoTALK accounts.

Our contacts in UK, US and Australia could dial this number to reach us and pay only their local calling rates. Amazing.

The site says, there are two versions of this service, viz.: myGlobal number Public and myGlobal number Private.

Detailed FAQ:,2


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