Free Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games: Watch Ads And Get Them For Free

If you need some good mobile phone games, wallpapers, Themes or latest Bollywood or some other type of crazy Ringtones for your mobile, do not worry they would come for free to download now, just watch a few Ads and get the Ringtones for free for your cell phone.

The has its presence in India and USA and is going to introduce this free concept or we can say the free download markets for the Telcos. The Telcos earn Big with this type of Advertising revenue, as we know still the revenue from Ads is Prime to the Internet and TV and we could get most of Stuff for Free here at the 'net!

The concept behind this is why to pay to download the Ringtones, Wallpapers or games, when the Ads could pay and consumer could download at the expense of the Advertiser: ) its a win win situation for all involved viz.: consumer (He is the King like always) and the advertiser!

The Mobile-Worx plans are to offer these services at Free of cost, and to earn the revenues from the ads displayed along with the content. They have the plans to charge advertisers based on the number of times users see the ads. Nice Concept, I hope it would work Wonder for Mobile savvy India where now many of us have at least 2cell phones in our pockets!

Mobile Advertising / Mobile Revenue earnings is one of the hottest trend in the industry and there is neck to neck fight for a room even by the Big Brothers like Google (Adsense)!


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