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Browsing with a Mobile Phone is a fun and it saves time and hassles of wired world! If you have a mobile than you are in a wireless world, roam like a bird, and the sky is the limit. Thanks to the Internet age we have many many new and buzzing applications to support the cell phones today. Wireless technology is growing by leaps and bounds today.

Mobispine is a powerful mobile media browser. It presents you the news, scoops or so whichever you like from your different favorite sources. The quantum of news & blogs is updated everyday all the time.

Mobispine tries to help users to find what's important on the Information super highway in today’s world of Information; it gives you what you need to read it. Mobispine is smart / intelligent enough to learn what you like and will help in its own way so that you may be up with your interests.

If you have a Blog or Site you can promote your site’s feed with this and the world could browse, search your site via mobile phone means more traffic, more accessibility, more value…

Mobispine is free of charge to download, add it to your mobile phone and go Mobile!

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