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Free Mobile Calls: Google + TruPhone Blends + FREE Calls till Dec 31st

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In the month of shopping, Christmas and New Year, The Truphone is offering FREE mobile calls to 40 Countries (including USA, Canada, China, HongKong, Singapore and more ) around the world, till Dec 31st, 2007. Its Global and works with Wi-Fi Global hotspots. Just FREE to download.

Also a max 15 p per minutes to any EU Mobile Phones and Free to Very cheap calling rates / VoIP rates to many other countries.

Truphone is a nice Mobile VoIP Free calling resource for the lovers of free calls over the net.

Google Talk is now inter-operable with Truphone which means that the both of these services could be used in resonance or we can say that we can use Truphone to call any GoogleTalk user for free and the vice versa!

Truphone also offers free SMS to truphone users and Free Mobile Calls on 3G supported networks.

The Good thing is that the GoogleTalk & Truphone both could be downloaded for free and if you have a compatible phone and an unlimited data plan than you should give them a try!

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