Free Unlimited International Calls: Local Number

Free International Calls: Local Number Unlimited Free For Making Global Calls

I here at this Telephoon try my best to produce the Free Calls and Free SMS resources which could be used Globally, hope you must be enjoying this Blog!

Well, too has something of the great value for the Free Calls Lovers! The Talkster gives free long distance, international calls and conference calling. It provides you a local Talkster number, which you call, will be a regular call.

Fortunately the list is long and growing (25 countries) for the International countries but unfortunately there is still no room for India!

One could talk here for free with a single user or make a conference free calls. The calls are done through a web interface and works on Mobile. The User wish to make a free call has to enter his number and the number of the guy he wish to call (no need to download or sign up any thing here, free and NO to Credit Cards). Than Talkster sends you and your contact a SMS containing each other's 'local number'. You can FREE call the number you just received via TALKSTER sms.

One could even talk with up to 5 friends at once and could make Free Calls and Conference Calls with all of your Facebook friends

Now there are many many web companies offering such type of free calling resources, mainly they are: Skype, Jaxtr, Jangl, Jajah, Rebtel etc. If you make a search on this Blog for any or all of this you could find the details of such free calling resources on this Talkfree7 itself.


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