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Tringme is a free call Widget to call via web for Free. One could make a call or leave a voice mail here; Tringme also could be put on your Blog or a Site. It’s Free. Its good for Facebook, Blogger, MySpace, ebay, Typepad, Wordpress etc. No any other software needs to be downloaded.

Tringme's another application is Tring Phone, its a flash SIP phone which should be use via your VoIP provider. TringPhone allows to call for free globally via Web, communication is just at a button distance and cheap to free in this Internet age. Through the Tringme's Mobile VoIP we could use the Cell phones or PDAs to make Free International calls using VoIP platform.

TringMe will also make to use us to receive Free calls / voicemails using a Mobile internet connection (like Edge, GPRS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi or EVDO etc.). It seems to be a Big Gun coming out of the holster in the near future!

Tringphone describes itself as in its own words:

Push-n-Talk Features
· No numbers, No dialing - Just Push & Talk
· No additional software required
· Place widgets on any website - blogger, eBay, facebook, myspace, typepad, wordpress etc.
· Receive calls on any of existing services including cell phone, VoIP, Gtalk etc.
· Receive voicemail on email if you are not reachable
· Super clear quality & It's FREE

TringPhone Features

· Flash-based SIP phone, which you can configure to use with any VoIP provider.
· Call worldwide from the web - No additional software required.
· Call from any flash enabled browser - no need to download any soft phone or SIP client.
· Use mobile version of TringPhone from any mobile device or PDA (upcoming).
· Built-in echo canceler - also works with older version of flash.
· Compliant with - RFC 3261 and other extensions. Also supports allowable characters as defined in RFC 2396 (not only numerical)
· Super clear quality & It's FREE..


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Anonymous said...

This service is NOT free for web calls. I tried the service and pointed it to my SIP phone using my SIP address. When I clicked the widget to call myself I received an audio message that I "do not have enough credit to dial this number." I logged in and read through everything and it specifically states that even WEB CALLS cost money PER MINUTE. It also states that the 1st 1 minute is free but that isn't true either because you can't call without credits. The buy credit button doesn't work either. And even if you use your own SIP provider for outgoing calls, it states that you are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes per call unless you use THEIR call out service.

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