Find London Toilet: Mobile SMS Satlav Helps!

While in London and having the Natures' Call, don’t press the panic button instead press your Mobile's soft Keys to make a SMS viz: ‘toilet’ to the # 80097 and send it to find the nearby public toilets nearest to you : ) Make a Bowl : )

This new lavatory searching service is named as SatLav, this is the Westminster City Council's 'Brilliant' idea of searching the nearest public toilet while in London and is given by a Girl Student Gail Knight, just 26 years old.

This service starts with the area of Westminster, which is the one of the most popular tourist area which also has nearby Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and so on...

And no its do not come for free as it costs, ONLY 25 pence per text. Ha Ha, nothing big for a 'Bowl'...enjoy London and never try to ’street urination’ on London roads now...London is for the Gentlemen!


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