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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Calls are the latest trend to call for cheap somebody overseas. The Calls are routed via Internet to Cell or a landline / fix line phone, here the sound is transmitted during a phone conversation into a digital signal which than is transmitted via the internet, thus makes the calls cheap using the Internet or VoIP technology. Internet is Global and sans borders thus the VoIP calls are cheap than any regular calls. is offering the cheap VoIP calls to Philippines / Pinoy for just a flat rate of US$45 A month unlimited to any mobile or fix phone at any Pinoy (Philippines) national network, the need is you should have the loads of stories to tell : ) and don’t count for the minutes than, you could be in any corner of the world where the Internet could penetrate to call Philippines.

The most interesting part is that the guy at the listening end in the Philippines don’t need to have a PC / laptop or any SIP or a Broadband connection to receive the calls he just need a regular phone either a mobile or a landline / fixed line, that’s it! It all comes with a no risk 30-day money back catch involved. TNT (tawag ng tawag) so its an unlimited two way calling from (make and receive) calls to and from Philippines for a flat rate USD 45 a month.

Toll free no. For US / Canada is: 1.877.796.8468

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Anonymous said...

i logged on the company website and one th home they'll tell you unlimited two way calling for their TNT (tawag ng tawag plan). when i read the FAQ's, that's where that statement was contradicted. they said that that particular plan was $45...but their FAQ's will say pretty much that it's unlimited based on how much credit you have on the account (which led me to believe that the monthly fee is consumable). and then it also said that the phone carrier you are trying to contact will be charging you per minute fees. I tried to email this company and ask them to clarify and give me specific details and info regarding their calling plans. my email sent me back at message indicating that one of their reps had read my email...but 'til now i have yet to hear from this company about my request. i don't think it takes more than a day to email me back to tell me specifics about their calling plans. i tried their online chat at their website...but their never online. i tried calling them and it said they open at 2pm PST...but i've kept calling at all times after two and i still get the message saying they're not open yet.

this i believe is false advertising when they are advertising around the web saying unlimited calls to and from the philippines for one flat rate of $45 a month.

Anonymous said...

well, when i last made a comment regarding this company, it was 12/28/07. up until now, i am still unable to contact this freakin' company and they have never replied back to my inquiry. we should be wary of these types of companies that has false advertising. they couldn't even reply to my email inquiry...which is pretty simple as far as me asking them to elaborate on their calling plans. if this company can't even provide service to a prospective client/customer like me, i'd hate to think how they treat their current customers...that is if they even have any at all.

pk said...

Hi,I am really sorry to hear this type of 'Bad' / false advertising things and Talkfree7 condemns such or any false practices, thanks to you to bring the issue to your global Talkfree7 readers.


redtagblogger said...

sorry to hear that but there are legit company like the iconnecthere. i recently signup to their world plan with a montly fee of $6.99 per month. this is a pay as you go plan-- meaning you only pay for the calls you made. the good thing is you can have a usa local phone number so your loveones in the usa can call you for free-- no long distance charges. visit my blog for more information...

For As Low As $6.99 Per Month You'll Get:

- Free USA Local Phone Number
- Free Phone Adaptor (worldwide shipping for only $4.99)
- Free $30 International Call Bonus
- Free PC to Phone Softphone Dialer
- Free Virtual Calling Card
- Free Calling Features
- Amazing Low Rates

For more information, please visit tipidIDD website:

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Anonymous said...

For OFWs in US and Canada, check out So far, among all the companies I tried offering unlimited calling to/from the philippines, Telepinas has worked the best for me. Excellent customer service, good call quality.

Anonymous said...

among all companies i tried offering unlimited calling to the philppines, telepinas worked best for me. it has excellent call quality and great customer service! i'd surely recommend this to all ofws in the Us and canada.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a government scam to protect the profits of business and politicians. Why are calls to the philippines so expensive when there are other countries eg. china, thailand etc where you can call unlimited fixed and landlines for free through voip services depending on which service. I know India and Dubai in particular and vietnam etc. are fighting to protect the onslaught of voip as the government makes a lot of money out of the calls. One guy in Vietnam was jailed last year for 20 years for a VOIP business. bring it on i say .. more voip. also try:, (no connect fee 3c from pc - my recommendation) and and to china (

TipidCalls said...

Try our UNLIMITED cell phone to cell phone to Philippines from all
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