Forget Typing, Fast Searching on Mobile phones

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Boopsie from desktop:

This site claims to be fastest with Mobile Phone Search while browsing the Mobile net! Its says,... it searches as fast, as fast you (a human) could come on with a search?! : ) They have hundreds of mobile search engine to their simulator like: It seems they could search more than Google?! Huh...

Amazon Books
Amazon Grocery
AOL Food - recipes
AOL Horoscopes
AOL Music - Artists
Area Code Lookup
BC Ferries Schedule - Retail Fueling Sites
Blogcritics Magazine
Boopsie Status
Caltrain Train Schedule Demo
Celebrity Photos
Celebrity Search
CIA World Factbook
CitySearch Chicago
CitySearch Las Vegas
CitySearch Los Angeles
CitySearch New York City

Its compatible with all type of web enabled devices (including iPhone) and almost for all cell phones.

The another nice feature for this site is, type less while you search with your Mobile and you dont have a QWERTY typepad. This technology is something like T9 on your mobile phones and act as: it tries to 'guess' the words when you are still typing for your search it comes up with the desired answers in the actual real time.

It is a 'find as you type' thing and allows you to search Google, News, Amazon, Wikipedia, Word Dictionary etc. to Stocks and so on from your cell phone with very little or perhaps No typing,...SMART TYPING with FAST MOBILE SEARCH, do you need anything more of it?!

DO NO EVIL : )))

Cheers : )


MTNL: Multicoloured SMS, Emoticons

Now add colors to your SMS / Text Messages or add some emoticons to show your sentiments. MTNL in India presents to celebrate the HAPPY NEW YEAR the colorful SMS scheme from your cell phone. MTNL is in Delhi and Mumbai circles.

How to Activate to send Colorful background with your SMS:

Send to 52324 (India only)

A WAP link will come to your mobile to welcome you, than download the application by clicking on that WAP link URL. Transfer it from PC to your cell via Bluetooth, cable or Infrared etc or Mobile to Mobile from one Cell to another : )

Monthly charges: Rs 30/-
SMS Charges @ Re. 1/- a SMS.

Available both to prepaid and post paid subscribers.

Call: 1503 / 22221503
Or Visit:

Free EBay Alerts & E-Bid Auction SMS

Featured Site:

It could be a nice ebay auction / bidding feature, if you could receive free alerts on your cell phone re: ebay auction to which you are a part of, at the last moments of bidding!

Its possible, now do not care to forget a bid in the last eleventh hours...though ebay has a paid service to send alerts on mobile phone, but we at Talkfree7 are always your guiding star to show all the free and valuable resources to free International calls, sms, Text messages, mobile news, wireless related technology advancement or sites etc.

Well, here is the freebie go to the above featured site, just fill a small online form and this site promises to send you, on your mobile phone, the free sms reminder / alerts re ebay bidding, to make a bid on the auctioned item before the auction ends, you will never loose an ebay auction using this great ebay feature.

But it only support USA, Canada Mobile carriers, unfortunately the Internationals have to wait or to use the paid ebay services, but don’t worry I will tell you such another great services soon like this free ebay auction alerts on your mobile phone.

Cheers : )

Cell Phone: Free Stock Quotes

Featurted Page:

India: For Free Stock Quotes on Mobile / Cell Phone you should download a small RMoney application on your cell (from Reliance communications) and than you are connected to the free financial markets on the move, all the stocks in your pocket's little screen : )

The application is for both the GSM + RIM-CDMA users in India. Nokia, LG, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and many more brands and models are compatible to use this Free Stock Quotes application.

Site says:
Key Features
1. News: Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Mutual Funds, IPOs and Insurance
2. Market Commentary: Equities, Derivatives and Commodities
3. Research: Pre-market Overview, Stocks of the Day, Pivot Points
4. Company Information: Announcements, Board Meetings and Results
5. Market Statistics: BSE/NSE Charts and Quotes, Sectoral Indices, Top Gainers & Losers, Volume Toppers and Market Summary
6. Technical: Pivot Points

Reliance Money says this application is free but check your Telecom Operators, may be they could make some GPRS etc charges to you!


Free Live Voice, Video Calls, Chat and Social Communities

Featured Site:

Online Social networking is the latest Teens craze and also for the Oldies who are Young by hearts : )

Paltalk is a fantastic platform to make Free Live Voice, Video Calls and Chat with many of the Social Communities, many thousands of live video chat rooms are available here.

...So start making free video calls with up to 10 friends...catch them all simultaneously with SuperIM (download it free, from )!

Send Free Text Messages, anywhere

Free Text Messages Globally

If you are still in a search to make some Free Text Messages / SMS Globally / International than make a pause : ) may be here you could stop your search

Featured Site:

Here, using this site one could send International free SMS or Text messages to many countries, it seems to be a nice site to send free sms to your near and dear ones.

The site supports 100s of countries viz.: INDIA, USA, UK, SOUTH AFRICA, GERMANY, GREECE, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, DENMARK, JAPAN and many more to the also supports many carriers / Telecom networks of each supported country there.

Full list of Supported countries worldwide for free SMS could be viewed on the site.

Cheers : )

Kids Charities: Make a Wish; Hunger....

Hi Friends,

Today I am being little sentimental to the issues related to the Children (kids are like THE LIVING GODS to me on this Earth).

I support at least these three kids' charities and appeal to all of you kind hearted guys to support the Kids in your nearby or may be you too could support any or all of these, thank you.



3. : FEED THE HUNGRY. You can help someone else in this world and IT WON'T COST YOU A DIME. If you simply remember to drop by The Hunger Site every day that you surf and click a simple button ONE LESS PERSON WILL GO HUNGRY. The food is distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme and paid for through the sponsorship of companies that care. Do your part.

Remember, a SMILE is the GREATEST GIFT on this Earth and if we could paint at least 1 smile, in our whole life, on anyone's face, we would be fulfilling our one of the most pious responsibility for which we are born / send! We WILL serve the Gods Himself by doing our duty, don’t you agree?

In fact I personally do not like to call the literal word ‘charity’, in fact our thoughts should not be as about that, we are ‘GIVING’ something to someone needy, instead we should do it in a way with a thinking that, “its our DUTY towards our starving society!

Note: This is a human appeal only and not any kind of Advert or any promotion from Talkfree7, we are not going to earn any funds of it : ) we are ONLY connected to this cause ‘sentimentally : ) In God, We Trust

US, Canada: Free Unlimited VoIP Calling

Featured Site:

Mywoip is a nice resource to call USA / Canada for free via Laptop / Computer / PC, Unlimited Free VoIP calls. No software download required, just register and start calling via Computer to any Mobile or land line in USA / says more countries are coming to the list soon.

iPhone China = YouTube Money: iPhone Videos Craze in China…

Apple Inc. has yet to launch-announce its iPhone in China markets (talks were going with China Telecom) but can you think of the iPhone ‘pre’-craze in China markets, masses and hoard of people would flock its sure to be a MAGIC, behind the Great Wall of China : )

Many small and YouTube type of sites are being launched in China to welcome the future iPhone launch there and they are specifically deigned for Apple's iPhone users and applications, especially for Video sharing like Google’s YouTube : )

iPhone by default gives an access to the YouTube Videos, but YouTube’s Video service are NOT for China right now : ( that’s why the local small Video Sharing sites in China are mushrooming and to cash this opportunity for local video viewers via using iPhone in the coming near future! is one of the largest video sharing websites of China, and they too had launched a Chinese site to tap the huge Apple's China iPhone users and videos sharing,

The iPhone is yet to make an entry into China but still like all over the world it’s available in China from overseas connections or via family, friends or through the Grey Markets or black markets.

One of the another Chinese site, we can say it as the Chinese format of YouTube have launched iPhone version of the site and is already started to get approx. 10,000+ hits a day, means money, cash, $s...popularity and many more : ) iPhone is helping the Chinese to grow economically: The simple mantra is: iPhone = Local Video Sites = Money Money!

English still makes a bridge between China and the rest of the World! China is for the Chinese?! It seems the tag should be as, “Made In China” : ) for the iPhone?!

If this is China, could you imagine of India craze when Apple’s iPhone would announce its India launch?! Onc it was hyped on the Internet that the Google's G-Phone (its Android now)is going to launch in India! (India is one of the fastest growing economies re Mobile Phones and users…)


Christmas: Call Santa Claus Free, From Anywhere

I know Santa is, on his toes, with the Christmas and the Holiday Spree right now, but for the Kids Santa Claus is always free, come on Kids, Young by hearts and make a free Call to Santa, He is awaiting for you to gift your Christmas Wishes and the Gifts!


Merry Christmas : )

1: Enter email to recieve Santa’s personal number,
2: Call Santa > tell Santa your wish list,
3: Receive recorded wish list via email Phone Calls from Santa Himself, imagine as a child getting a personal phone call from Santa... Santa calls are free, and are available to everyone in New Zealand. Listen to a sample call... Live Phone Calls from Santa Claus... Children and adults call Santa Claus Tollfree Number and record their wishlist for free... Skype

Wishing You A Merry Christmas

Unlimited Free & Cheap Calls Worldwide

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Mobiboo is UK based first Commercial VoIP company, here one can make or receive the free and cheap unlimited International phone calls, instant messages, transfer files or pictures to any other Mobiboo users, anywhere in the world.

It is a free software for your computer, laptop, PC, or even a WiFi mobile(you need a wireless router + a Broadband connection to use it on a Wi Fi Phone) says " ...With our tovo WiFi phones you can also make calls from “ WiFi Hotspots” worldwide and eliminate mobile roaming charges"...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008

Talkfree7 Wishes: Merry Christmas / X-Mas & a Vary Happy New Year 2008 to ALL of its readers in INDIA, USA, UK, NORWAY, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, ITALY, UAE, PAKISTAN, CANADA, NORWAY and in each and every corner of this Globe (70+ countries now)

Cheers : )

Nostradamus Predicts:

Tiny Holy Bible:

Read Voicemail as SMS, Emails...

Featured Site:

SimulScribe is the example of the cutting edge voice recognition technology, it converts a voice mail messages into SMS / Text message or an email.

The company promises to deliver your transcribed voice mail, with the original audio, to your Blackberry, Good link enabled phone, Cell phone or PDA, or to an email account so you could READ YOUR VOICE MAILS at your ease! It could save you some bucks with the more valuable time.

The good thing is that the voice mails will still be accessible, and the private info will remain confidential and secured.

How it works:

SimulScribe works with all Major U.S. Telcos / Carriers and Networks viz.: AT&T, Alltell, Cincinnati Bell, Sprint, Skype, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin.....

1 week trial is free.

Cheers : )

Text Messager’s Thumb Case Reported

Featured URL:

A unique case in the New Zealand for the first time is being reported. A girl student, who uses to send up to 100s of sms / text messages per day on her cell phone, is being diagnosed / reported with the first known case of text-messager's thumb case in New Zealand. This girl got texting tenosynovitis, this is an inflammation of the tendons in the thumb caused by constant SMS / text messaging.

This represents the evil side of the cell phone abuse / mania on the increase among the young generation and teens around the globe. Parents' are feeling helpless first with Internet penetration now its Mobile, the law should be more vigilant and the educational and social pressures too needed to be overhauled to make our next generation more self sustainable and more disciplined?!

Free Mobile Emails Via SMS

Featured Site:

Many times we need to access emails but do not have the access to an ISP or worry, Talkfree7 is always with you : ) The above featured site is providing emails alerts on cell phone with no Internet connection / GPRS etc needed.

No Sign up etc required and it works on your existing Mobile Phone like a wonder and comes for Free.

It works well on all Indian Mobile network carriers too.

One could easily add / filter here the many multiple email accounts from hotmail, gmail, yahoo, rediffmail & indiatimes. The POP3 / IMAP company accounts could also be added.

It works to send email as SMS to the users' cell phones.

The users could set filters on the mails to avoid Spam SMS.

Please remember its still a new born so may be some features for you will get a message of coming soon...

Free Download or Convert Mobile Videos

Featured Site:

This is ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING things / Site on the net I had ever seen : ) Videos conversions at a touch of a button. Just choose any video's URL > will convert that videos for you and that Videos would be compatible anf Fit to your Mobile phone's little screen.

Site describes itself as: " You can Download as many videos from YouTube as you want, with no limitations...Video conversion at the touch of a button, on your Mac, Facebook, Firefox, or iGoogle - download videos from YouTube whenever and wherever you are!"...

You can see your videos and DVDs on any mobile device: iPod, iPhone, PSP, PDA, Zune, cellphone, and more...

So guys with Movavi Flash Converter lets download the videos we love to watch online / On Mobile they could be from any sources like Google Videos, YouTube, AOL videos or so on...

...Here you can also merge all videos into one large movie.

FAQ: Says…

What is Movavi Online?

Movavi Online is a free online web service that lets you download videos from YouTube, Google and other video-sharing sites and save them to your iPhone, iPod, cellphone, and popular video formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP. With Movavi Online, you can also convert videos already on your computer. There’s no charge for the service, and you don’t need to download any software. Best of all - we don’t cover your screen with annoying ads!