Skype: Free International Mobile Calls / SMS

Skype always seems to be the starting and ending points for who love and care for a free International Mobile Calls! 

The Irish Times reports an Interesting story re: cost effective way to use Skype on a Mobile gadgets and to call for free other ANY Skype users in the world, YSE its for Free!

I am delighted to read that the Network Operator 3 and Skype (The eBay internet telephony company) announced a deal to unveil some specially-designed Skype Mobiles and calling services in next couple of weeks. Users could make a call by the press of a button to make ABSOLUTELY FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS or FREE GLOBAL SMS / TEXT MESSAGES to ANY other SKYPE user on their special handset which supports Skype. Till date near 245 millions of registered Skype users uses to call for free / cheap using the Skype / Internet. 

The best part of this type of Free International Calling / SMS service is that these specially designed Mobile Skype handsets could also be used as any other normal mobile phone to make regular calls to any landline or any other mobiles...hmm great feature indeed, bravo the tech gurus! 

This service in the pipeline is soon to be started in each (eight) of Operator 3 Network and in Denmark, Hong Kong, Austria, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and UK. New and more markets could be added than thereafter as Skype is in talks with more operators and markets. 

The Internet Free Calls are going Mobile and it’s a big big deal to many netizens and many tech gurus, many find it’s luring and some finds it as surprising (may be this Christmas)! 

No doubt Consumer is ALWAYS The King : )

Cheers... : )


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