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Now browse the Gulf News on your Mobile's little screen, on the move. is the Mobile Phone version of the Gulf News and could be viewed via a GPRS / WAP conncetion on your handsets for free. You have to pay only your regular GPRS etc Billl if any, nothing to pay to read Free Gulf News, no subscription fees.

The Readers can read International, Local and All other world, scintillating news, breaking News, scoops, also business, sports, Films and horoscope etc too are here. Its the Web based service via GPRS / WAP for your mobile and could be used anywhere in the world for free including UAE and Dubai! No registration is needed and its updates every second in the Real Time so you can read fresh and latest scoops all around the globe and get abreast with the rest of the world.

Gulf News Mobile is getting a heavy traffic and is becoming one of the popular services.

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