IPv4-IPv6: Net Address Limits & IP Address

...It seems bit 'Greek & Latin', but is very interesting to know about IPv4-IPv6? Did you ever heard of them? No Nah, ok, ok than read this...

IPv4 = Internet Protocol Version 4, almost all of the current internet uses IPv4, Its now near to an exhausting limits and is approx 20 years old.

IPv6 = Internet Protocol Version 6, IPv6 is designed to be the "next generation" Internet protocol and is made by IETF Its meant to replace the IPv4.

Each and every Online device has an IP address or we could say when a device goes online it is given a UNIQUE (one and only one in the world) IP address (set of certain numerals), but as we know and could well imagine that the numbers or the I.P. Numbers are limited and will get exhausted one day if the net would continue to grow its wing like its current speed...Hmm, the experts calculate by this speed of the spreading web this finite number of IPs will got its limit by around 2010 or may be sooner, who knows : )

Vint Cerf is the one of the Father of the Internet and an expert on the very field. He has a 'cool' warning for the Internet world: " Unless IPv6 is switched on in the coming years, some devices might not be able to go online, Cerf has warned....""There is a risk of not being able to get online." Nothing to panic but to roll out the IPv6 ASAP as the IPv4 could provide four billion 'net addresses but the net explosion in the virtual world had created the very shortage, thus IPv6 needed to roll out soon.

It is for sure that the today’s computers, all the servers, online routers, online devices are able to use IPv6, but the problem lies here that the many internet service providers (ISPs) have yet to upgrade to customize with IPv6.

With the new system of IPv6 the approx 340 Million Zillion Trillion Billion or so separate addresses, could be created that would are sufficient for the many decades for many of our coming generations.

China, Korea & Japan seems to take an early lead in supplementing their infrastructures with this new IPv6 in place of their old IPv4 but the European Union still in the pipeline and is reviewing the infrastructure...

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