Reliance, Microsoft IPTV $500 Million Pact

India: Leading Indian Telco RCom (Reliance Communications) and the US giant Microsoft has signed a pact for $500 million to sell Internet TV (IPTV) to lure the Indian Customers!

I would like to mention here an interesting survey held in India a few recent years back in which the strange pattern was found for the first time in the world, that among-est the poor population of Indians many don't even have a toilet in their homes and they use to go to the near by open fields for the 'call of the nature' (...again to mention, the survey was held for the poor population in India not for the rich, so don't take it on the hearts, I too am an Indian) , but ALL of them have a Television set in their homes! This describes the craze for a TV in India and also now the booming Mobile phones! Long Live Indians : )

So my point behind this story is that the Rcom and Microsoft are trying to tap the Indian untapped and virgin market for their recent IPTV project, as there is no other player in the field, they could make a clean clean and dashing sweep. Both are capable and have large pockets to tap the 1 billion crazy Indians for their IPTV. 

Reliance or RCom is leading Indian giant and all knows the Microsoft, but I wonder why Google lags behind Microsoft for this in India? Time will tell...

Under this innovative IPTV project Indians certainly would get the new adventures of their life for the first time in India: new connected and personalized TV with many of the advance features in the pipeline. Standard definition to high definition TV is on the cards for the VERY FIRST TIME in India. This IPTV is expected to be launched in India this coming March 2008. Countdown begins!

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