Google GPhone Countdown Begins

Much hyped and most rumored in the Internet wireless world news is GPhone, and its also much awaited gadget or may be an OS (operating software) across the net, Its ALL a SECRET project cooking in the Google's labs, thanks to Google's technology that helps to search millions of zillions of pages on the web but could not help us to locate or search about its much secret GPhone project : ) 

Monday, Nov. 5th, 2007 seems to be a D'Day / Date that could create history in the making as the thrilling, most awaited and most wanted and secret plans could be unfold with Google's Announcement about GPhone! Fingers are crossed and lips are sealed! Google going to enter the Mobile and Wireless world. I welcome you in advance, Google I love you, really : ) so DON'T BE EVIL... 

It would be usher of a new dawn in the tech world! The ripples are sure to be created in this sea of tranquility!  

Cheers : ) 


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