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How To Send Free Text Messages to Dubai, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf, Sharjah?

This 'post' is dedicated to our KEEN reader Subhash, who inquired me about this Free SMS to DUBAI, Thank You Subhash, and here it goes:

If you love Text Messaging / SMS and need to send the SMS for FREE to the whole of the world or to Dubai, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf, Sharjah, India, USA, UK etc than try these all or any sites, its possible that you would like to come here for FREE SMS daily or so : )

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Free SMS to whole of the Globe. is the pioneer in the field of international Text Messaging Service   for last many years, here even you could send the picture SMS

Picture Messages too iPiPi's picture messaging feature is the perfect tool for you! ipipi provides you with the same global network coverage for sending pictures to mobile phones!

When its Jangl, than don’t worry about long distance or text sending! When you add someone as a Jangl contact, you get a local Jangl number to call or text / sms them. Now it is free to stay in touch with your friends in New York, Chicago, or 32 other countries.

Send Free Text Message to many countries for Free

Free SMS to UAE, Dubai, Gulf, USA etc.

Cheers : )

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DJYano said...

Sending free sms text messages via the web with FREESMS2WORLD is cool. Because it is free!

People like freebies so am i.hehe

I even wrote one article about FREESMS2WORLD and i even wrote about your site related to this article.

Please check it out

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