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The Leader of Mobile VoIP Industry the has made it easy to video call via Mobile Globally thats too For FREE now!

The Fring Widget could be used on the mobile Phone and one could make a call on the Mobile Phone using this Widget.


Free SMS Dubai, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf, Sharjah and All Over the World

Free international texting
How To Send Free Text Messages to Dubai, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf, Sharjah?

This 'post' is dedicated to our KEEN reader Subhash, who inquired me about this Free SMS to DUBAI, Thank You Subhash, and here it goes:

If you love Text Messaging / SMS and need to send the SMS for FREE to the whole of the world or to Dubai, Pakistan, UAE, Gulf, Sharjah, India, USA, UK etc than try these all or any sites, its possible that you would like to come here for FREE SMS daily or so : )

Free anywhere calls

Free SMS to whole of the Globe. is the pioneer in the field of international Text Messaging Service   for last many years, here even you could send the picture SMS

Picture Messages too iPiPi's picture messaging feature is the perfect tool for you! ipipi provides you with the same global network coverage for sending pictures to mobile phones!

When its Jangl, than don’t worry about long distance or text sending! When you add someone as a Jangl contact, you get a local Jangl number to call or text / sms them. Now it is free to stay in touch with your friends in New York, Chicago, or 32 other countries.

Send Free Text Message to many countries for Free

Free SMS to UAE, Dubai, Gulf, USA etc.

Cheers : )

How to Make Free Calls to USA, Canada?

The popular Travel Site has introduced a Free Calling Travel Promotion option within the USA and Canada to the guys who will book the air tickets from India to USA via this site. 

Under the very scheme, the will provide a Cell Phone that will work in USA / Canada an the calls there would be FREE and just for a nominal rental of Indian Rs. 99 (approx. = USD 2.5) per day. NO MATTER for HOW MANY DAYS OR MONTHS YOU LIVE IN USA / CANADA, YOUR HANDSET WILL WORK FOR FREE Calls in the USA / Canada until your full stay there. The Cell Phone will be handed over to the customers in India or would be couriered at their place of stay in the US. 

The daily or any charges will be deducted directly from the credit card from which you booked your ticket to USA, the details of which needs to be submitted to prior to availing of this scheme. 

The person visiting from India to USA will feel much comfortable with this new promo scheme. The communication is vital in this age and having a self mobile phone abroad promises much comforts of the life and the business and THE BONUS FREE CALLS, hmmm... : ) could you even ever think to avoid this lucrative offer ? : ) 


Free Calls, Free Text Messaging, FREE, Unbelievable But True

Site Featured:

Jangl has an amazing concept to make a free call and its as:

Jangl had introduced a Bidirectional number and it works like a link which is much similar to a dedicated Hotline between the two callers on the line.

Here at Jangl if we have an email Id of any guy to which we have to call, than Jangl's Call Anyone feature would help us to make a call and also would prerserve our privacesy etc.

Jangl has partnered with Jajah (a VERY popular Free Calling service on the net).

Jangl introduces itself as: "

"Jangl gives you the ability to call or text anyone you know online, using the phone you already have. Simply tell us who you want to call and we'll give you a Jangl number to call them.

Jangl works from any phone, with no download, data plan, or computer required. If you can dial a phone number, you can call anyone with Jangl - even someone who has never used Jangl! Jangl protects your privacy.

To use Jangl, all you need to know is their email address - you never need their real phone number, and they'll never see yours. Jangl knows no borders - you can call anyone, anywhere in the world. And you can talk live in 31 countries, with more to come."

Currently Jangl supports Free Calls / Text messaging to following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovekia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA


Bar Code Authentication Services

Now the Mobile Phones could be used as a Bar Code reader too, thanks to the technology provided by the Asian Mobile Messaging gateway MacroKiosk which has provided the platform for the SMS barcode authentication system

Its known as Mobile Authentication Services(MAS), and makes a way for mobile phones could be used as a bar code scanner and to make authenticate online ticket purchasing or such other things or to collect rewards points etc. 

MAS combines 2D barcode & GSM picture technologies! It converts the text or pic messages within a 2D barcode than it could be send to the cell phones through Text Messaging, SMS, and WAP etc. Its a totally secured system and is each of the Bar Code is Unique here as its one and only one at the time on the whole of this earth at the time! 


T-Mobile Phone: Free Flight, Buy T-Mobile Offer

The T-Mobile latest offer is a free flight tickets when you buy a phone with 2 years of MyFaves services than it could earn you a flight form good for round trip airfare to US's many many of the wildest of destinations. 

Sign up for a new two-year contract on a myFaves plan November 23-25, 2007 
Send in your completed application form, postmarked by December 31, 2007 


Satellite: Streaming Mobile TV

Satellite: Streaming Mobile TV
By the year 2009 the Indian Mobile phones would have a new and all different scene! The streaming TV Channels would be broadcast ed directly to the little mobile screens of the crazy Indian Mobile users. 

Though recently the State owned BSNL has already started LIVE TV in North and Eastern India and it has a wonderful reception and its also free till Nov 2007 end. 

DEVAS is a pet project of the INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION (ISRO) and would be launched in 2009. It would enable live streaming TV to the Mobile screens, no matter wherever you live in and at any part of India. This satellite broadcast would be dedicated to entertainment and mobile telephony and will beam six TV channels initially live to mobiles and no worry of signal disruptions than. 

The biggest challenge to this project is now the antenna design, which would have a radius near 5 to 12 meters. It will be a real boon for the Indian cell phone users, as they never have to rely on the networks interlinked. Devas antenna will make the things easy for the mobilers here. Also DEVAS would help in the making cheap telephony, cheap calls and rural telephony in the coming times. 

Cheers : )

Free Mobile Social Networking, IM, Group Messaging

Mobile: Free Social Networking, IM, Group Messaging...
Site Featured:

If you are wishing to witness the power of Mobile Phone along with the power of Internet and thats too for Social Networking than certainly the this trutap should be your next halt! Its a free global messaging service and allows you to take your social life on the move anywhere and everywhere you go atleast on this planet Earth...via your cell phone!!

SMS for CAT-IIM Exam Answers

Today was one of the MOST prestigious exams The CAT (Combined Admission Test)held in India for an entry to the top notch Management institutes in India: The IIMs (Indian Institute of Management). 

Now who had succeeded to bell the CAT, the time and results only would tell, but what I am going to tell is, that if you had cracked the CAT exam and want to know the correct answers / replies to the questions asked there than pickup you mobile phone and send a SMS to register. Send by writing: "JOIN CAT" to 55454.

You will get the answers. But this service is not free and is currently offered for Rs 30/- one time, via Airtel and Vodafone Mobiles in India. 

This is called as 'I-msg' is an amazing SMS- based service via which the users which got registered have to send SMS of their question paper serial number than within few minutes they will get the correct answers to the questions asked in IIMs CAT exams. 


Free Unlimited Calls to New Zealand

Site Featured:

New Zealand: reports that the popular International Telco Vodafone introduced its latest service which is named as: VODAFONE AT HOME, The Vodafone claims to offer unlimited & free national calling within New Zealand! We have to test the waters...

Vodafone says, its a new and ground breaking technology with a new toll-free phone service which is projected towards breaking the Telco’s much gripped on the fixed-line segment and will make it mobile or wireless.

In this service the Vodafone's mobile network is used to transmit calls from home phones, which thus eliminates the need for a fixed-line phone. The consumer just need to purchase a $99 box to plug the existing cordless or wired phone and could keep the existing phone number, so no number portability is required here. But the Broadband do not comes with this package.

Its costs $39.95 a month for unlimited landline calls including the toll calls. Not much bad.

Free International Calls, SMS: Forget the Bulky Phone Bills

Site Featured:

Download a piece of software; start calling International Calls Free from the above-featured sites. 

Offers Free Global Phone Calls to: 

Czech Republic 
Hong Kong(+mobile) 
New Zealand 
Puerto Rico (+mobile) 
Russian Federation
South Korea 
United Kingdom 
United States (+mobile) 

Free Call now offers FREE SMS messages to several International destinations like:

Czech Republic Greece
Russian Federation
Serbia and Montenegro
United States
United Kingdom

Send SMS messages to all these destinations for Zero Cent/message!! This offer is available for users with Free Calls credit.

Cheers : )

Paypal India: Free Money Transfer, Cash In Your Pocket

Paypal: Free Money Transfer, Cash In Your Pocket Now : )
Paypal the most popular and safe online Money transfer service on the net has eased and relaxed its Indian operations and now Indians can receive the money in form of Cash via Paypal direct to their bank accounts in India. This newly introduced e-transfer of money usually would take a week time now, good-bye to the lengthy check times. 

You need a bank account in any of the following banks: State Bank of India, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Union Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, ING VYSYA Bank, Axis Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC Bank, Citibank. 

For transferring more than INR 7000 the e money transfer is ALL FREE but for less than this a small fees for INR 50/- per transaction is chargeable, Not so bad… 

Procedure: You just need your bank account number and a 11 Digit Alpha-numeric Unique IFSCI Code (Indian Financial System Code) of your Bank Branch (Contact your Bank Branch and ask them for this, its allotted to each branch by RBI and its unique code for each n every branch) than fill it in your paypal account. Please be careful with spellings and no mistakes should be there, fill your name as its in the bank records the Bank Records Name and PayPal match character by character or the e money transaction will not go through and PayPal would charge you Indian Rupees 250 as its processing fee, so be careful while filling this concrete info. 

PayPal offered another sop to Indians, if you have a Visa credit card or a debit card than withdrawal of funds could go directly into your plastic cards. 

Cheers : ) 

Ref.: is Spreading Malwares?!

Spreading Malwares? reports that the Premier Indian Portal is NOT safe to logon now a days, as its serving to its visitors, at least 434 malicious malwares, they could corrupt your PCs life and many of them could not be scanned with Ant viruses too. 

So if you are on this very site try to avoid any downloads or add-on(s) or don’t fall for any trick which prompts your Computer to click or download an unknown programme / application, even don’t click any pop ups or so for your PCs good health : )


IPv4-IPv6: Net Address Limits & IP Address

...It seems bit 'Greek & Latin', but is very interesting to know about IPv4-IPv6? Did you ever heard of them? No Nah, ok, ok than read this...

IPv4 = Internet Protocol Version 4, almost all of the current internet uses IPv4, Its now near to an exhausting limits and is approx 20 years old.

IPv6 = Internet Protocol Version 6, IPv6 is designed to be the "next generation" Internet protocol and is made by IETF Its meant to replace the IPv4.

Each and every Online device has an IP address or we could say when a device goes online it is given a UNIQUE (one and only one in the world) IP address (set of certain numerals), but as we know and could well imagine that the numbers or the I.P. Numbers are limited and will get exhausted one day if the net would continue to grow its wing like its current speed...Hmm, the experts calculate by this speed of the spreading web this finite number of IPs will got its limit by around 2010 or may be sooner, who knows : )

Vint Cerf is the one of the Father of the Internet and an expert on the very field. He has a 'cool' warning for the Internet world: " Unless IPv6 is switched on in the coming years, some devices might not be able to go online, Cerf has warned....""There is a risk of not being able to get online." Nothing to panic but to roll out the IPv6 ASAP as the IPv4 could provide four billion 'net addresses but the net explosion in the virtual world had created the very shortage, thus IPv6 needed to roll out soon.

It is for sure that the today’s computers, all the servers, online routers, online devices are able to use IPv6, but the problem lies here that the many internet service providers (ISPs) have yet to upgrade to customize with IPv6.

With the new system of IPv6 the approx 340 Million Zillion Trillion Billion or so separate addresses, could be created that would are sufficient for the many decades for many of our coming generations.

China, Korea & Japan seems to take an early lead in supplementing their infrastructures with this new IPv6 in place of their old IPv4 but the European Union still in the pipeline and is reviewing the infrastructure...

Cheers : )


Singapore: Free Mobile Calls

Site Featured:

The above featured site claims to give FREE Mobile Phone Calls within and to Singapore. It could be interesting if they do so as many of us need to call ours in Singapore for personal or business reasons. If the Free calls to Singapore are a reality than it could save us lots of funds and we could earn some 'smile' too : )

We here at Talkfree7 are always in search for latest and Free resources for our readers re: Free Calls, Free SMS, FREE INTERNATIONAL Mobile or Wireless related resources. 


Vodafone Hacked and Blocked!

Vodafone is a big name in the mobile and telecommunication segment, can you believe that somebody on the Earth can hack this Vodafone network too? I can never believe this ... but this is true, though may be shocking for many of its world wide consumers! Some may lost valuable data and many may lost their peace of mind, 

If this is true than it need to be detected and corrected soon, who cracked Vodafone network, how and why and what are the future security measure to ensure that this will never happen in the future too.

 ... Alootechie reports that the website of Vodaphone India (formerly Hutchison Essar) is being hacked and blocked since Nov. 6th.

Free Live Cricket Matches on Your Cell Phone

Mobile: Free Live Cricket Matches on Your Cell Phone
Featured Site:

IPL T20 Live Cricket Matches Score on Cell / Mobile Phones

Good News for Cricket lovers and especially for the Cricket crazy Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, UAEs, UKs, West Indians, South Africans, The Kangaroos and The Kiwees!

Cricket is not only the game of just Bat and Ball but its rather a craze in the British ruled Colonies and in the Indian subcontinent like the Soccer in Europe and UK. Even Indians & Pakistanis make a bunk from office / schools etc to watch cricket Live on their TV screens. And the matches between India and Pakistan are rather than a 'WAR' than of the matches itself : ) a very exciting cricket happens than....

Now You can watch live Cricket on your cell phone, by each and every ball and thats too for Free. No, No I too will NOT charge you a penny for telling this brilliant widget. Just you need a Cell Phone / Mobile Phone with a GPRS connection or a WAP connection. Go to the site mentioned above on your Mobile, download Free small application ( no riskat all, I am using this on my Nokia 3230) just a few minutes work and Voila! You have done.

Site Describes it as:


-Ball-by-ball commentary
-Pushed to your phone with every ball
-No SMS required!
-Live Scorecards
-World-wide support
-500+ phones supported!
-Did we say it's free!

Cricinfo MobiCast supports all J2ME MIDP 2.0 and MIDP 1.0 enabled mobile phones, RIM/Blackberry devices, Windows Mobile Smart phones, Pocket PC enabled PDAs, and Treo handhelds. We are constantly adding support for new devices and operating systems. Currently we do not have support for BREW-enabled devices. Supported Devices List.

Now whole of the Cricket world is in your pocket, show to yours, friends and family with a pride, anyways its neighbors envy owners pride!

Do you think that something comes for free in this world? And I am telling this all to you for free, ha ha : ) this is as you are my esteemed readers here, and my VERY existance depends on your visits here! Enjoy cheers...

Cricket Social Networking :

Free SMS Collection For Diwali

Happy Diwali: Free SMS Collection For Diwali
Happy Diwali, the festival of Joy, Crackers, Light, Wealth and Health in India and among who loves India!

If you love to send Free Diwali SMS (Text Message)than browse here:

Even You can send FREE SMS / Free Text Message in India on any mobile, any carrier for free from here:

Reliance, Microsoft IPTV $500 Million Pact

India: Leading Indian Telco RCom (Reliance Communications) and the US giant Microsoft has signed a pact for $500 million to sell Internet TV (IPTV) to lure the Indian Customers!

I would like to mention here an interesting survey held in India a few recent years back in which the strange pattern was found for the first time in the world, that among-est the poor population of Indians many don't even have a toilet in their homes and they use to go to the near by open fields for the 'call of the nature' (...again to mention, the survey was held for the poor population in India not for the rich, so don't take it on the hearts, I too am an Indian) , but ALL of them have a Television set in their homes! This describes the craze for a TV in India and also now the booming Mobile phones! Long Live Indians : )

So my point behind this story is that the Rcom and Microsoft are trying to tap the Indian untapped and virgin market for their recent IPTV project, as there is no other player in the field, they could make a clean clean and dashing sweep. Both are capable and have large pockets to tap the 1 billion crazy Indians for their IPTV. 

Reliance or RCom is leading Indian giant and all knows the Microsoft, but I wonder why Google lags behind Microsoft for this in India? Time will tell...

Under this innovative IPTV project Indians certainly would get the new adventures of their life for the first time in India: new connected and personalized TV with many of the advance features in the pipeline. Standard definition to high definition TV is on the cards for the VERY FIRST TIME in India. This IPTV is expected to be launched in India this coming March 2008. Countdown begins!

Free Gulf News On Mobile Phones

Gulf News goes mobile
Site Featured:

Now browse the Gulf News on your Mobile's little screen, on the move. is the Mobile Phone version of the Gulf News and could be viewed via a GPRS / WAP conncetion on your handsets for free. You have to pay only your regular GPRS etc Billl if any, nothing to pay to read Free Gulf News, no subscription fees.

The Readers can read International, Local and All other world, scintillating news, breaking News, scoops, also business, sports, Films and horoscope etc too are here. Its the Web based service via GPRS / WAP for your mobile and could be used anywhere in the world for free including UAE and Dubai! No registration is needed and its updates every second in the Real Time so you can read fresh and latest scoops all around the globe and get abreast with the rest of the world.

Gulf News Mobile is getting a heavy traffic and is becoming one of the popular services.

Cheers : )

Skype: Free International Mobile Calls / SMS

Skype always seems to be the starting and ending points for who love and care for a free International Mobile Calls! 

The Irish Times reports an Interesting story re: cost effective way to use Skype on a Mobile gadgets and to call for free other ANY Skype users in the world, YSE its for Free!

I am delighted to read that the Network Operator 3 and Skype (The eBay internet telephony company) announced a deal to unveil some specially-designed Skype Mobiles and calling services in next couple of weeks. Users could make a call by the press of a button to make ABSOLUTELY FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS or FREE GLOBAL SMS / TEXT MESSAGES to ANY other SKYPE user on their special handset which supports Skype. Till date near 245 millions of registered Skype users uses to call for free / cheap using the Skype / Internet. 

The best part of this type of Free International Calling / SMS service is that these specially designed Mobile Skype handsets could also be used as any other normal mobile phone to make regular calls to any landline or any other mobiles...hmm great feature indeed, bravo the tech gurus! 

This service in the pipeline is soon to be started in each (eight) of Operator 3 Network and in Denmark, Hong Kong, Austria, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and UK. New and more markets could be added than thereafter as Skype is in talks with more operators and markets. 

The Internet Free Calls are going Mobile and it’s a big big deal to many netizens and many tech gurus, many find it’s luring and some finds it as surprising (may be this Christmas)! 

No doubt Consumer is ALWAYS The King : )

Cheers... : )


Google GPhone Countdown Begins

Much hyped and most rumored in the Internet wireless world news is GPhone, and its also much awaited gadget or may be an OS (operating software) across the net, Its ALL a SECRET project cooking in the Google's labs, thanks to Google's technology that helps to search millions of zillions of pages on the web but could not help us to locate or search about its much secret GPhone project : ) 

Monday, Nov. 5th, 2007 seems to be a D'Day / Date that could create history in the making as the thrilling, most awaited and most wanted and secret plans could be unfold with Google's Announcement about GPhone! Fingers are crossed and lips are sealed! Google going to enter the Mobile and Wireless world. I welcome you in advance, Google I love you, really : ) so DON'T BE EVIL... 

It would be usher of a new dawn in the tech world! The ripples are sure to be created in this sea of tranquility!  

Cheers : ) 


Mobile, Landline Free Global Calls: Land line 30 min. Free Every Day

Mobile, Landline Free Global Calls
Site Featured: claims to give you with your landline phone, 30 minutes a day of Free International Calls (2 minutes per call x maximum 15 Calls every day). But the Free International Calling offer is ONLY for the ADPHONE Countries, or the countries which are mentioned in the list of the site itself. For additional free calling limits if you need additional time to call than there are plans for one low fixed rate. To start calling you need to download just a small piece of a software here from .

This Free International Calls application works with P2P, The Site describes it as: " ...P2P is short for "Peer - to - Peer". P2P is a direct connection between 2 of our clients for File sharing, Calls, Video calls and Chat. It gives ADPHONE users a faster direct connection between their online Buddy's...."

The current Adphone Countries, where free International calls could be done are: 


Adphone is owned by Call IT ApS, a danish software development house, they pioneer in the VoIP telephony. 

The Site's FAQ / Help is detailed and self explanatory:

Cheers : )

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