VoWiFi: Whats It? VoIP, WiFi or Both?

VoIP is the short form of Voice Over Internet Protocol, and is a facility which allows us to Call the guys Internationally via using the Internet. 

WiFi is provides low cost Internet access via Wireless Networking. The places from where we could access the wireless Networks are called a s 'Hotspots'. 

Wifi is advantageous as its based on Wireless network, easy to set up and less expensive. While on Airport, College Campus, Library, Cafe, etc. the good chances are that you have been right in the mid of a invisible and wireless network! Many of us use the wireless network to connect our computers at our home. 

'The Next Big Thing' is now merging Wi-Fi with VoIP, and it produce an odd term did you ever heard of VoWiFi? Means simply VOICE OVER WIRELESS FIDELITY. Means Wi-Fi based VoIP service. or we can say wireless based VoIP system. 

VoIP over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) is the latest Future Technology which would emerge as a winner in the coming times, its will reduce International telephony costs, no doubt...

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