Smart Tags, That Think: Make Your Blog More Traffic Prone

Smart Tags, That Think: Make Your Blog More Traffic Prone : )
Featured Site: is a nice conceptual site re: 'Smart Tags". If you run a Blog or a Website just sign up for Free at Jiglu and put the HTML code at your Blog / Site and let Jiglu to do SMART TAGGING' of your content on your Site or Blog. 

What Jiglu do is, it Tags or Categorizes your Content automatically in many different sub-categories and a Tag Map / Tag Cloud according to the frequency of the nice keywords used in your Site / Blog's Content. It digs deep into your content and links or Tags the posts according to the content's keywords. 

The best thing is that you have to do nothing. Jiglu is like a smart AUTOMATED Manager who thinks an tags smartly on its own. 

Do you see any benefits of Tagging? Yes, I can see, its just like a TAG CLOUD, very popular concept now a days with the Blog owners. Tag Cloud helps a reader to find the appropriate content of his choice from your available content from the Tags or Heads you have made available to your readers. 

This way it beneficial to your 'Audience' thus its beneficial to you too, it increases your Blog / Site worth, reader pulls interesting content and stay for long on the site and its a win win situation for All : )

Thats why Jiglu says itself as: "Jiglu is a super-smart engine that pieces your site together, intelligently tagging and linking your web content..."

Its worth for your Blog, and I recommend this, like you can see it at this Blog at the bottom : )


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