Search Engines: Google, Baidu, Yahoo, MSN, AOL Who is #1 ? 

Reports that Netizens conducts approx 1.4 million searches every minute, Globally - and the Google is No. 1 and the Hot search engine of all : ) It was researched by comScore study.

Its interesting that Google is No.1, I too personally love Google search, for me 'Googling' or The Google is the best Internet Site of SINGLE PAGE which crawls and indexes zillions of millions of sites, blogs and pages into itself : ) When I think of a life pre-GOOGLE ERA i.e. when there was an Internet but Not the Google or any search engine, how Netizens were using the net? By the way do you know the name of the FIRST search engine on the net? Yes, it was 'ARCHIE'!

Within 10 years Google emerged as #1 on the International Scene within the maps of this Virtual World, its only dedication and honesty with the tech world : )

I can see that ALL the roads right now ends to Google and there is NO LOOKING BACK. Than why not to follow Google's Informal motto: Dont be Evil : )


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