Romania, Free International VoIP Calls

A nice site called as

promises to deliver Absolutely Free International internet calls or what we say them as the VoIP Calls which ends to Romania for Free. 

Site says: It's completely FREE for you, no hidden costs, no credit card payments, no special conditions...just give it a try...

Cheers : )

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Anonymous said...

There can be called only Zapp Mobile eg Telemobil Company subscribers with ZappGlobalFree option activated - which costs 4 euro/month for them!
So this is a very restrictive service!
"Benefits for any internet user:
Any Internet user who registers for the Zapp Global Free web service can make UNLIMITED calls from his PC to any Zapp mobile or FixTel subscribers with Zapp Global Free option activated.
For the PC calls, you can use either the web based service, or, for more convenience, download, install and start using a stand-alone VoIP application from your PC."

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