Point And Find: Imaging Nokia

Point And Find: Imaging Nokia

Point and Find by Nokia 'sings' sometimes a rhyme like, in my mind, its to me like is: Point and Find = Shoot at Sight : ) 

Yes its an upcoming new Feature in the Nokia handsets which is ALL SET to revolutionize the Mobile / Wireless Handsets Industry with Nokia's Imaging power and techniques. Thanks to the 'Made in Finland', The Nokia! 

The Imaging power of Nokia is going to get 'SMART' and 'Pinpointed' similar too Google Search results, that's too Wirelessly and for Free. Nokia handsets soon will be embedded with this Point and Find feature, here when a Nokia handset user will Pinpoint / Aim / Capture a picture by focusing his Camera ready Nokia handset to any of the object like a Beautiful Wet Beach Girl ; ) Taj Mahal of India, Pyramids of Egypt or The Statue of Liberty etc, he will get the information downloaded and details of that respective Image / thing or object relating to that snap he had shot with his camera! 

Its amazing, Its wonder and puzzling to me how Nokia could manage these Information without the power of Google or any other Search engine giant on its handsets? We have to wait and watch. The Nokia Camera Mobile will have the 'Brain' now, they would think, associate and will provide us the info relating to the concern images now : )

In a recent The Way We Live Next show in the Finland, The Nokia tried to unwrapped its upcoming plans re: Point and Find feature. To Point and Find, the Nokia will use the IMAGE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY via its Camera Mobile Handsets. The Image Recognition Technology is a Smart technology which co relates the images and after identifying and matching them, it provides all the information associated with it, which has been pre- provided in the data base of the concerning type Image(s). Point and Find is bit similar to the QR Code Technology {http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code} developed by Japan for incorporating the eye-catching images of logos, characters, or photos etc via using a Mobile Phone! 

I will write in details more about this QR Code Technology, Nokia Handsets and Nokia Codes, please stay tuned to this Blog! 

Cheers : )



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