Skype's VoIP Mobile Phone: "White Phone" is Coming

Here is a Good News for Skype(ians) or simply Skype Users, now you could go Totally Mobile... & Reports that Skype is in the works with a UK wireless 3-Mobile, carrier to market her latest magical charm, White Phone, a Mobile version of Skype and than Skype would be 100% Mobile. The project Code-Name is White Phone and ready to launch October or November 2007. Its expected to roll out for the first in Italy, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia. 

Currently the USA is NOT in the 'Hot' list but still Skype is all set to mobilize its VoIP (the latest .. craze) now, Skype perhaps would not like and wish to wait for US based carriers to catch this idea first.

The USA, India etc could only be the next this time and the companies will market them themselves to USA, India etc or could sell them to the users in other countries...

This is an encouraging news for Internationals and Skype users, Mobile Skype would certainly initiate a fresh competition among Cheap International Calls, VoIP Calls and Free Calls and SMS, THE seamless TECHNOLOGY seems to be endless now and more and more consumer friendly things are going Wireless and for Free : )


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