Mobile Phone SMS: Wireless Keyboard / QWERTY

Mobile Phone SMS: Wireless Keyboard / QWERTYIf you love doing SMS / Text Messaging from your Mobile phone than now a Patent Pending Wireless QWERTY Keyboard for Tex Messaging / SMS is available on the net.

Its a wireless QWERTY full functional alpha numeric keyboard which could be folded and could be used as and when needed. It is made of flexible silicone rubber panel.

When you need to Type the text put your cell pre programmed with its software and than place the cell at the mid of this rubber keyboard. The Internal circuit of the keyboard comes in resonance with the programmed cell and would recognize it. And also the magnetic field will provide the energy required to run this rubber Qwerty keyboard.

How it Works?

When you start typing letters / words or numerals they will automatically be transmitted wirelessly to the programmed cell and will be blinked on the small screen on your cell to catch your attention. Now you are ready to edit or send it to the recipient. The message is sent than remove the cell and put the keypad rolling into your pocket or so : )Voila...

Whole of the technology is in your pocket now so why to use Bulky communicators, if you need only a SMS enabled cell, than why not to use this key pad with QWERTY keys!


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