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Think of the situation, when you are on the move and an urgency arises where you have to take the nasty 'notes' while on the travelling 'mood' and you could access them from anywhere. OK, No problems, I am with you : )

At the times when you are on the 'net, prepare yourself for this situation, just type the URL sign up for free. Pick your Cell out of your pocket {now dont tell me that you even don't have a mobile : ( Open the GPRS of your Cell, direct it to and login the site. Now you can access Mobile Notepad. Create, Save and access them from anywhere in the world with your Mobile Phone. You have the option to access your Notes from PC / Laptop or your Cell : ) Nice? 

Its a bit different from Google Notes, as you can access this service via your Cell Phone too, on the move. is just a start up so BEWARE and dont upload your important data until you have a second copy or a saved copy of them, make sure to have alternate arrangement and be sure to 'save' them before you entirely are sure that it will not go astray, as the site is just a start up, but I am sure in the coming times I could entirely rely on this site : ) It happens : )

Detailed FAQ is here which is self explanatory, better than me : 

Site explains : "What is npad? 

You can think of n-pad as a piece of scrap paper that you can take anywhere. It's a lightweight way to keep track of little odds and ends in your life. 

Best of all, it's totally integrated with your phone. You can save a note from anywhere in the world by sending a text message to [email protected] -- your message will be waiting for you at You can also search and retrieve your notes by text message. Click for more information on how to use the mobile features of npad.

There's no structure to the way you use this site, and that's what makes it so easy. If you want to make a bunch of lists, using your phone and the website, go right ahead. If you want to use it to take notes in class, and then retrieve them by text message later, go right ahead. If you only write notes from your phone, well, that's one of the best parts of npad, so have fun."

Now forget the nasty yellow chits and go Mobile : ) Yahooooooooooo. I am looking for the comments of our loyal readers here, thank you.

Cheers : )

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