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If you need a free 3D tracking via Internet to Track any person or a vehicle etc, surely you can do monitor or track the thing you wish that's too for Free. Thats too in 3 dimensions. 

Free 3D Tracking is a new way to use the online world to track and monitor the desired thing or a person. Even the previous root of the traveled person could be tracked. It tracks as: the traveled route of the thing desired is shown as a 'Line' either on Google Earth or Google Maps, also it depicts the speed at the various points so you can even track its 'speed'. 

Just create a Free 3D account and get started to Track the movements..the registration is very simple with you do not have to fill even your name, home address or e-mail, just fill id and download the little software and get set go to the 3D tracking. 

The Site further explains: 
To use 3D tracking you’ll require a few tools and programs: 
- a NMEA 0183 GPS receiver (for those non-technical folks out there, this is the standard type of GPS receiver)
- a device able to both connect to the GPS receiver and to run our application (such as a PDA or Mobile Phone). The downloadable applications can be found in the ‘downloads/support’ section.
- an Internet connection for the device mentioned above (this can be via GPRS, through Active Sync, etc)

A possible example of a set-up for using 3d tracking is a Windows Pocket PC device (such as an Ipaq) that is used with a GPS receiver (Bluetooth or wired). The application will obtain the GPS data from the receiver and then transmit it back to 3d tracking servers (if your device is both a phone and a PDA (e.g. the i-Mate/Qtek range of products) then it can connect via GPRS. If not, you can transmit all your data to 3d tracking servers when you sync your PDA to your computer). Once on 3d tracking servers, you can log in at any time to see your traveled route on either Google Earth or Google Maps. Just select your starting date and time, as well as your end date and time, and 3d tracking systems will show you exactly where traveled and your speeds along the way.

Don't you think this is revolutionizing the net. Its wonderful service, when I searched and read this site, I cant believe this, but it is True and very present on this Virtual world. 

Hmm, I can't wait and going to check it for Free. Take care. 

Cheers : )

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