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I could never believe that the sites like this above exists on the Internet, Its rocking and amazing.

You can watch 24 hours Free TV streams LIVE on your PC / Laptop, uninterruptedly. Indian Channels, US, UK, Canada etc...Al genre are here, entertainment, infotainment, Reality, Sports, Fashion, Movies, Lifestyle, Online Movies, Mobile Stuff, News, Recorded Videos, Music, Radio Stations and much more.

When you in your office and need to play TV but could not, just login to the virtual world and surf this site, you are conncted to the Streaming TV, Radio Live.

Also you can enjoy on your mobile. Go to your phone's Browser & type (You'll need a WAP enabled phone with GPRS activated) No Charges for Download. Absolutely Free.

Get Live News from India on your mobile. Free Downloads - Full Audio Songs(.rm - Real Player Format) Polyphonic Ringtones, Wallpapers etc., Live Cricket Matches Scorecard.

Cheers : )

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Technology with life said...

Yep this is one of the few good site that you can watch TV streams for free online.
To name a couple others try:

I am slightly unclear about your comment about watching this on mobile over WAP. Have you tested it?Does it really charge nothing to watch it over GPRS on your mobile?

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