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Thanks to the "Comvu" amazing technology. Now we can broadcast our videos live, in real time via our smart cell phones : )

Comvu claims that "It’s the world’s first live video broadcast service for 3G mobile phones and other portable platforms." ComVu PocketCaster enables you to use your mobile like a live TV camera. It lets you arrange a live Video conference direct via your cell phones. Or you can get involved with your Site Visitors / Bloggers with up to date video info. Its really superb. Stream Videos Live broadcast to your audience on the net. Its the 100% Mobile webcasting.

You need to register with ComVu account, than install the PocketCaster software in the Video phone, and have a data account with your mobile operator.You are readyu for the show. just on a click of a button, PocketCaster starts streams videos from your cell to your Blog, My Space, Site etc on the net.

The best is that these videos are also stored on a server, that's why your audience, family or friends, could watch live or at any suitable time zone via their cell or a computer.

Comvu also notify your contacts when you go live “on your air show”,

ComVu is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with business development offices in Silicon Valley, and Singapore. It do tagging your videos, could track your stream using GPS online mapping. Go 3G, GO VIDEO STREAM WORLD.

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