Google / MSN: Same Color Logo? Why: Can You Crack the Puzzle???

I am puzzled a bit, while surfing the net, by an accident I found / checked that the colors of the 'Logos' of MSN (MSN has four colored Flag: Blue, Red, Yellow & Green)and Google (in the word 'Google' too there are same four colors like MSN's) are exactly the same, I cant understand this similarity, I tried to search the Google but could not find a suitable reply which could quench my info thirst! 

Is it just a coincidence or I am ignored of something important on the net? Are they going to 'marry" ; )

I 'appeal' our intelligent Global audience here to solve this puzzle and help us all here to share the info, we All would be greatly thankful, if any concrete answer to this appears here in the 'COMMENTS section below this post. Thank you. 

Cheers : )


Anonymous said...

EBAY has the same identical colors on its logo: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow... Mmh...

Lisa said...

Coincidentally, I came across your original post when I "Googled" the similarity between the logo colors for Google and MSN. I found the article above relating to website color schemes. Good luck solving the puzzle!

venkat said...

good research :-)
nice post

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