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We all need Freebies and we love to use them for free until they are free : ) Thanks to the Internet we can find many useful resources for Free here. 

If you are in search of some Nice Free SMS / Text Messages Sites or resources to Internationals or / and India than this VoIP Blog CERTAINLY is Yours and could help you a bit. 

Free SMS, Free Calls, to the International World, is our motto and we are here for it. 

Try this site they claim to give FREE WORLDWIDE SMS with no catch, just you need to register there for free, it takes only a few of your precious minutes. There are lots of fun links too on the site so you can entertain yourself too while doing the Free SMS. 

Do you need more, Yes, sure, I have really more than this to offer you for free, I will feature a site here in 1- 2 days where I would reveal how to do ABSOLUTELY FREE SMS via Your Mobile, yes with your Cell Phone, Globally, and yes, I am not saying of doing it with Internet. 

Just Bookmark this Blog or subscribe it in your Reader or by email. Stay Tuned...


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A long list of international free SMS resources can be found here:

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