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Do you heard of "MyToGo"? Do you know whats it, How to use and what the wonders it could do for you?

MyToGo for Skype gives the freedom to use ANY ANY of your existing Phone to Call your Skype Contacts in your list and it allows you to check your Voice Mail there for Free! Amazing na?! Moreover It also permits you to use Skype Calling Rates from ANY ANY of your existing phones and you can do speed dial numbers from your any phobe using Skype as a 'Remote Phone' or 'Mobile Skype'!

You just need a latest Skype Client Software, so install the latest version for your Windows! MyToGo Skype is FREE! with no recurring charges for MyToGo for Skype.

The Site Depicts This MyToGo software as:

MyToGo for Skype works with ANY Phone and Skype Worldwide! 

Skype Rates for Local or International Calls from ANY Phone 

Now Take Skype ANYWHERE You Go Using ANY Phone 

Check Skype Voice Mail from ANY Phone FREE 

Call Skype Names from ANY Phone for FREE 

Who Said iPhone Users Can't use Skype? 

The Skype Journal says: 

"MyToGo turns your Skype configuration into a personal PBX.."

Need more details, than visit this link:

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