Free Mobile Phone To Web Wireless: Mirror Your Mobile Phone Content to Web for Free


Its a cool Mobile Social Network. Dashwire believes in the power of Technology and to harness the power of Mobile and Internet at the same time, they beautifully tried to integrate the both ventures in one Single and seamless venture, we could simply say Mobile to Web Publishing for Free. 

The Dashwire Mirrors your Mobile content on the Web for an easy to use platform, and thats all WIRELESS and Free, than you can manage your Picture Gallery, SMS, Text Messaging and many Value Added services here easily and with no problems like you might face on working with a small keyboard of mobile. 

Its the synchronization of your cell phone with your Web presence, that's too wireless to make the things easy for you to do and share for Free...

The SMS / Text messages when you send from Dashwire will appear to your message receiver as it were sent from your cell number and not from the Web Browser or the mighty Internet, and again It comes for Free. 

Dashwire also lets you mange your Wallpapers and ringtones etc too like many other Mobile functions, its a complete solution to publish your Mobile Phone to the web Browser!

Cheers : )

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