Free International SMS: Yahoo!

Free International SMS
Good News for Text Messaging / SMS geeks and lovers: Yahoo Inc. is going to roll out FREE International SMS, integrating this great VALUE ADDED Service with its most popular email service or web mail service.

Currently the Free SMS could be done via Yahoo Chat or Instant messenger, but soon FREE International text messaging could be done via yahoo web mail service in four countries.

Yahoo India Director communications and community products, IM Swaminathan says,“If you click on the tab that says Text Message, you can compose an SMS. It is free,” Swaminathan told the Hindustan Times. But the person replying will pay for the SMS sent back."

Nice facility to SMS lovers and who are sticked with their computers but still love to be glued to the rest of world via short messaging.



Yahoo email and messaging in Hindi for Indians:

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Anonymous said...

Well to get free international SMS/group SMS you can also sign up using Top Friends on Facebook. I live in US and am able to have a group conversation with my friends in UK and India, all with one message.

The good news is that when they get notification of my message they can respond through WAP/GPRS on phone itself to everybody in group w/o having to send SMS message. Check it out at: under 'My Stuff'.

P.S. You need to have a facebook account to use this

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