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What is Dingaling?
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Whats in a name? but still what a sweet name is with a good layout of the site, featured above: DINGALING : ) 

Its the Canada based site which promises to give 5 Minutes of Free Calls within North America or Canada, even you don't need to have register for this 5 minuted free trial calling. 

The Site Says: 

" do not have to register an account in order to use the free trial. The trial is provided to users as a convenience to test the service risk free. If you are satisfied with the free trial period and would like to continue using the service once the time has expired, you will need to register an account with DingaLing..."

Registration is simple and free and could be tried if you need Cheap / Free VoIP calling resources. No software to download or no special hardware is needed to call for free here. 

Procedure to make Free / Cheap International calls is quiet easy, just choose the country from drop down menu, FROM WHERE YOU ARE CALLING and TO WHERE YOU ARE CALLING, click Dial and its DONE, you are on the Free calling line : ) You can save some bucks on your phone bills if you wish to use this for local or International long distance phone calls from you cell or landline phone. During this Free Calls to USA, Canada trial you can also use your Mobile Phone or PDA... 

How to make Free Calls to USA, Canada Trial:

Facebook and Dingaling Free Long Distance Calling:

Dingaling Long Distance Calls are now available on popular social network, FACEBOOK. The Site describes this feature as: 

"...users of DingaLing Facebook receive:

50 Minutes of FREE Long Distance in Canada, U.S., and the UK 
10 additional minutes of FREE long distance for every referred friend (to a maximum of 7 friends) 
Features coming soon to DingaLing Facebook include:

Text Calling 
Call Your Facebook Friends 
Call Blocking ... "

Cheers : )

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