India: Cyber culprits and squatters

India: Cyber culprits and squatters
India, the gateway to the California's, "Silicon Valley" is getting tougher with Cyber culprits and squatters! 

In a most recent IT Development all over the Globe, the Indian Government seems to be on a high tide and one step ahead...and is planning to introduce a strict penal section, Section 66-A, in her existing IT ACT, 2006. Now providing false or a fictitious information on the Internet would be a 'punishable criminal offence' in India and could be land in a jail up to two wonderful years : )...Whoohhh!

Every second online guy needs and creates a second ID when and if its needed, who cares, TOS and Rules & Regulations, do you read them ever, do you have the time? : ) In search and need of a second Web ID either its a second email or so many of us fills the false information there, Huh! Its a common goal or the common thing on the net we all know. But the Internet companies are doing their hard to track and delete the fake IDs., its like a game between Cat and a mouse. 

It would be tracked with the help of IP address and ISP etc. It would be a 'Herculean' task and very difficult to implement actually. Do we need this really? Don't we have a right to create many email IDs for free, of course providing false info is wrong, always and ever, but I don't think the penal action would be a thing which could stop it. Internet sans boundries, than could India do it alone? is a million dollar question to me, which the Time could only reply in the coming 'times'. Come on India...


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