Difference Between WWW & Internet: Web & Net are NOT One and the Same Things!

www: virtual world
When I first entered this virtual world, I was the same 'raw' like when a toddler is born to this earth! For many years the World Wide Web and the Internet was it and one thing for me. But NOT is this now, I know that there is a good difference between the two, but I also know that many of us even do not know that they are all-DIFFERENT but sounds same to us!

Well, World Wide Web or Web or WWW is a broader thing in laymen’s' perspective and its Like a HIGHWAY or a BROADWAY, and the Internet is just like a shop or a store along this long Highway. Imagine that there is a long road with many shops / stores both sides of it and that long road is WWW and one of the shop on this road is the Internet / net!

The Internet started for USA Defense project in 1973. Its the International network of computers connected via satellite and servers creating the world wide web of such many networks. The Web works with some protocols like HTTP and so.

This WWW is like a Big Universe and the Internet / 'net is only one of the planet within this Big Virtual Universe! ...The one other difference between the WWW and the net is that, the net works with many protocols but WWW works with just one of the protocol of many supported.

But who cares, they are different or the same: I have to use my ISP with my Internet explorer Browser to surf the net and to live in this virtual world for emails, downloads etc etc... www and net both have revolutionized our lives, and they are one and same for me, I love to live ONLINE and in the world of fantasy, long live the virtual world!




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