Bone Conduction Mobile Phone: Jaw Bone Hear Calls

Bone Conduction
An Interesting story is spreading all around the Science-Tech News on the net, its about South Korean Mobile Handset Company's Pantech A1407PT Phone. {This Cell phone will be made available via Japan's KDDI Network and will be available in Japan by this November 2007, but no specific date for Europe or US launch is being set. }. The best / Free on the net re Mobile and Wireless Technology should surface to this Blog for my Readers is always being my concern...

Reportedly this device / cell phone has a unique ability to make you able to hear your Calls. Using this phone you could listen to your calls via your Jaw Bones?! 

I know it seems a bit confusing, but our future gadgets could do anything so don't get surprised if the strange things will happen in the coming future! But the Question here is whats the use to hear the calls via jaw bones instead of ear drums? Yeah, now this makes a sense...

The Pantech A1407PT uses Bone Conduction and if the phone is put near your Jaw, the vibrations from it will conduct to the inner ear and thus you would be able to hear the calls with no problem and with clarity. 

The purpose seems to being able to hear in NOISY environment and the the persons having hearing problems could also hear using this innovative Technology, as the voice is conducted via the inner ear ...

Though this Bone conduction technology is an old concept and is in the air since years! Also this concept is successfully developed the hearingg aids and Mp3 Players, Headsets etc...but this is being embedded in the cell phones for the very first time. 

Now the Mobile Phone is becoming an integral part of our daily lives with more and more user friendly technologies are developing each day, we can live without our Lunch but CERTAINLY NOT without our Mobile Phones : )

Cheers : )


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